Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Егор Крид - Самая Самая (Yegor Krid - The Most)

We've started spreading our wings into the world, we can't afford to be insular. Not only is the Filipino the most globalized in the world, it has also a unique inclusive culture where every other culture is welcome to participate into the mix. Still unknown to most Filipinos is the vast Post-Soviet space, particularly Russia, a large country which occupy 1/6 of the world. Surprisingly, it has a progressive pop culture and some of my favorites are actually Russian pop artists like Niyusha, Pelageya and Gradusi.

Let's start with this fellow, their Enrique Gil. They don't look alike but they are both cute heartthrobs. The chorus of this  hit song was the one quoted in social media when fans in Kazakhstan giggled on the smile of Enrique.

The closest Tagalog translation of the title is 'Napaka".

(If you search for his name, it is also Romanized into "Igor" or "Egor" but an initial "e" is usually pronounced as "ye" in Russian, like Ekaterinburg is pronounced as "Yekaterinburg"

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