Thursday, August 6, 2015

LIZQUEN IN CALGARY: еще не конец истории

История lizquen в Центральной Азии только начинается.Прибытие kathniel только что исполнилось все счастливее.

One of the potential bumps in the promotion of Kathniel in Central Asia is the tremendous fandom created for Lizquen before their arrival into scene in Kazakhstan. I guess no need to convert everybody into Kathniel fans overnight. It is advisable to take a long view. Because the events are flowing such that a great prolonged, sustained PR coup is in the horizon: Lizquen is hot so it will return and Kathniel has its Pangako Sa Yo in the backburner. The Clash of the Pinoy Teen Titans will be simmering there for a long, long while.

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