Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ALDUB VS KATHNIEL: Who's the 2015 Philippines' Most Popular Love Team?

While the ALDUB loveteam lords over at noontime, the KATHNIEL pair sizzles at nighttime. A lot of people can't wait for the inevitable head-on collision, the Clash of the Titans- to determine once and for all, who really is the most popular love team in the country.

 Consider this post as a teaser. I love making intriga sometimes.

Juan Karlos Labajo - Photograph by Ed Sheeran

If there's still doubt that Juan Karlos Labajo, still 14 years old, will become the new matinee idol, this video will dispel it once and for all.

 Simply, this kid got IT.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Yaya Dub : Pretty?

One of the drawbacks of being a comedian is you have to squeeze every opportunity to be funny. Being too beautiful may render your audience so awestruck they won't respond to your jokes & be enthralled into paralysis by your beauty instead.

The hottest comedian these days is Maine Mendoza, AKA Yaya Dub. She contorts her face a lot to get the laughs.

 Hmm... but how pretty is she in real life? Judge for yourself... (but don't be awestruck into paralysis or you'll miss the laughs...)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

возвращение в Казахстан: The Return of Enrique Gil to Kazakhstan

There's no doubt that Enrique Gl is the Pinoy actor who made the greatest impact on the fans in Central Asia among the stars of the 4 Pinoy teleseryes that were shown so far there in the last 4 months.This blog was a witness to the tremendous impact of the hit teleserye Forevermore, the first one to be shown there, which took Kazakhstan by storm. The Kazakhs are certainly awaiting the return of Enrique, and they will see a younger Enrique, circa 2013, in the heavy drama teleserye "Muling Buksan Ang Puso" (Үш жүрек is the title in Kazakhstan, meaning "3 Hearts").

Үш жүрек : MULING BUKSAN NG PUSO is the 5th TELESERYE to be shown in Kazakhstan in 5 months

The title means "3 Hearts" in Kazakh. The 2013 teleserye stars Enrique Gil, Julia Montes & Enchong Dee.
Let's see if the Enrique Gil-Julia Montes pairing can duplicate the success of the Lizquen love team which took Kazakhstan by storm when the  hit teleserye Forevermore was shown there a few months ago.

Dawn, Zeus in sensual "Love Me Like You Do" dance

Apparently, things are heating up in the local Big Brother. Thanks to Tina of San Juan who sent the video link.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Alden Richards - Haplos - Recording Session

PINOY CUTE POWER: The Gorgeous Pinoy Teen Stars Floored The Bad Guys

In the end, the winning punch was the gorgeously cute Pinoy looks.

When we first noted on March, 2015 the suppression of the popularity of Diary Ng Panget & She's Dating The Gangster in the Spanish-speaking sites by unseen forces apparently alarmed by their rising fame (Read SCANDALS #2), we thought the villains must have been jumping with joy for having sabotaged their far better-looking competitors. They must have thought they could then continue pretending being beautiful & really  nipped in the bud the resurgent cute Pinoy teens in the international scene. Little did they know an upper cut would come from the place where they thought they held sway (there are big ethnic Korean communities in the Post-Soviet space). It turned out the Philippines has a really deep bench of beautiful people and unseen from the left field emerged a teleserye packed with more cute stars, Forevermore, and it  became so big its fan membership became 8 times bigger in only 2 months than what the villains have been tenaciously building up for more than a decade through pirate websites, beauty delusions, propaganda and dirty tricks. To think the membership is still getting bigger because the showing is just midway. The funny thing was the truth inevitably came out: the villains are not really that popular, it's only their big propaganda machine that was giving the impression they were popular.

It may be hilarious but it's still poetic justice. I guess the handwriting in the wall was already evident for years now. Vietnamese youths have already been won years back by what they call "gorgeous Pinoy actors" and now they are very much plugged to Pinoy culture on their own, as proved not only by the strength of Kathniel & Marian Rivera there but once again by their active participation in the Pinoy-led Twerk Dubmash craze now engulfing not only Southeast Asia but even up to Russia. Pinoy dubmash compilations are sprouting all over Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia and fan clubs are sprouting even up to Russia. This is Pinoy grassroots leading the charge to propagate Pinoy soft power and culture and it is being lapped up by the world even without the mirage invented by pirate websites, beauty delusions, propaganda and dirty tricks. Ah, the dirty tricks. They actually haven't stopped, desperation makes the villains more active at this point: ATTENTION: disregard the electronic signals in the Internet like Youtube hits, video counters, etc. of Pinoy pop hits because they are being messed up with (I'll have a separate article on this). Though, come to think of it, that would only matter to those who rely solely on propaganda. Pinoys do it with their looks & talent anyway (they dominate Asiawide talent competitions like the recent Asia's Got Talent so Pinoys all have the good stuff).

It's  really all in being gorgeously cute, stupid! And Pinoys have it. While the cute Pinoy teens are wowing everybody all over the world, the villains are trying desperately to buy their stay here, but it's okay,  just take the money, they are stuck with their faces anyway (Plastic Surgery has its limits) so knock-out just the same.

Thank God for cute and gorgeous Pinoys. The genes have it.

Dubmash compilation of Teejay Marquez done by Indonesians 

Anjo Damiles, играет Джонатан в Forevermore

Friday, September 25, 2015

Love Team Blues

LIZQUEN, or Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano, made their mark with the release of the hit 2015 teleseryeForevermore, but with the tremendous success of the teleserye, comes the centrifugal forces created by their skyrocketing  individual popularity: for instance, demand for another Enrique Gil starrer forced Kazakh programmers to dig the baul of ABSCBN to release Muling Buksan Ang Puso & resurrect the Enrique Gil-Julia Montes pairing which didn't really take off like Lizquen did. Will it  take off in Kazakhstan?

Juan Karlos Labajo - Para Sa 'Yo

The kid is now a young man, though at 14, he's clearly hurrying things in his life in this video: he's now supposedly  in love.  First love is always memorable, but the casting director must have had a catastrophic first love. The girl here looks not only older and too small beside JK's 5'9" frame but not even that beautiful. Beside that casting flaw, the song & the music video were beautiful though.

JK is growing up just like the next matinee idol should.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coleen's 100 Million

Well, this deserves a celebration. The first Pinoy movie that I watched in a cinemahouse which earned PHP 100 million. I have to admit I've gone used to watching films in sparsely occupied cinema salas (including the so-called Hollywood blockbusters). Since a decade ago, half empty cinemahouses have become de rigueur . This film was the first film that I watched where the house was almost full. If Coleen only dared to  show more,  the figures would have shot through the roof.

Monday, September 21, 2015

MOVIE REVIEW (Sort-Of Anyway):" EX with Benefits"

I'm suddenly watching a lot of local films in a cinemahouse lately. Yesterday afternoon, I watched "Ex with Benefits", only the third local film that I ever ventured to watch in a theater, and the second local film within the week. Ok, mostly because I was curious how Coleen would register on the big screen.

Mostly I'm impressed with the film. There are dragging moments (actually, even a yucky one when Derek Ramsay had to cry) but mostly, the big strides of local films technically were on display (I particularly loved the mood & texture of the cinematography & music).

Mostly I laud the realistic portrayal of conservative and so-called liberal values running within the same individual at the same time (like in both leading characters). Because real people are like that in real life, they don't consciously espouse conservative values to champion the conservative camp or to pretend liberal to picture themselves as liberal & pull themselves to the liberal camp. Only foolish people paint themselves in a corner & corral their instincts and inclinations to fit a particular socio-political script just so they can belong & fool themselves they are modern. These are inferior people, they live according to say-so of presumptuous smart-alecks who want them to live their lives according to dogmas (after the "much-dreaded" religious, you are supposed to follow their "modern" commandments), not to what their body & personal context tell them.You may be a slut at a point in your life but it doesn't mean you should be so forever & that you actually love being one. You might love sex but you are still free not to love a slut simply because you have a right not to. You don't live your life just because a bunch of so-called rights activists prefer to live their lives their way. If it's not like yours, you a have a right to live the way you do. You have a right to be you.

Modern contemporary life has become fascistic that you are supposed to just accede to the pretense that some people know more than you do just because they appointed themselves the all-knowing arbiters, or just because they were given media space or they had some celebrity. What do they know? Who told them they know anything more than you in living your life? If they have rights, you do have yours.

Modernity means one should do what one wants but one should be well-informed, and mature enough to accept the consequences.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

THE WAY THEY WERE IS STILL THE WAY IT IS: "Heneral Luna" and the Anglo-American Empire

It was raining and I thought a movie would be great. This was only the second Tagalog movie that I ever watched in a cinemahouse. I watched this last night, and surprisingly it was good. It was not really the story that captivated me but the storytelling. It had an enchanting texture: the images that punctuated the drama had this lingering effect the emotions generated gripped one at the core throughout the film. It was that effective. The music, editing and production design were perfect for the job.

The story was a fresh take on the life of General Antonio Luna, the Filipino revolutionary general who fought the Spaniards & Americans. But the current tumultuous drama of international politics have led to the recent discovery of many unknown facts by the alternative international press, and the story might have missed some crucial pieces. For one, it is now claimed that it was not the United States that paid the $20 million to Spain but a group of rich Filipinos  exiled in Hong Kong. On the surface, the Filipino elite, or a part of it, appeared to be the ones who bought the Philippines.

The British who were based in Hong Kong, when not trying to invade the Philippines, had always tried to sabotage the Spaniards in the Philippines by using its usual tactic of "divide and conquer" among the Filipino elite. Hong Kong, which was a Crown Colony, was not under the British Government but under the City of London, a private banker enclave in London which is not under the British Government but under the thumb of a group of private oligarchs who controlled the Bank of England and various business monopolies in the British Empire and beyond. This cabal works by subverting the comprador elite of a particular country so that it formed part of its tentacles in its imperial control of international business. It appears the compromised part of the Philippine elite who paid for the Philippines was the soft part of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of the Philippines while the Americans provided the military muscle to subjugate the country.

That still seems to be the Anglo-Saxon script that is operational in many parts of the world, & as the so-called Anglo-American Empire is challenged in many quarters, more wars are flaring up and the Americans are still seen as providing the military muscle while the financial tunes are still echoing from the City of London, a private oligarchial enclave in the middle of London.

Monday, September 14, 2015

What Happened to the LIZQUEN fanspages which were converted into KATHNIEL's when GOT TO BELIEVE was shown in Central Asia?

On August 9, 2015, the last episode of FOREVERMORE was shown in Kazakhstan. The next day, another Pinoy teen teleserye took its place, GOT TO BELIEVE. The LIZQUEN fan clubs in the VK pages were turned into KATHNIEL fan clubs, converting the former into the captive market for the new teleserye.

 So what happened?

Мен саған ғашықпын | Мен саган was гашыкпын was the second biggest LIZQUEN fan club before with 59, 848 members, but it is now called Алғашқы махаббат|Сен келерсің - with 95,310 members. Алғашқы махаббат is the Kazakh title of Got To Believe, and Сен Келерсин is the title of the Indian teleserye that is concurrently shown in the same channel. A cursory look on the page, however, would confirm that most of the write-ups are about the Pinoy stars so one can safely assume the Indian teleserye was bundled for the promotions, not the other way around.

 SO....  has Got To Believe managed to repeat the success of Forevermore in Central Asia?

59,000 to 95,000 within a month is a jump no matter how you look at it. The numbers have spoken. You bet.


When you want  the most intimate details of Pinoy showbiz, this is not the blog to go to. I only touch on things that interest me.  I guess, people come here to see my take on what most people still think as baduy stuff.

 I didn't know they have a new batch at the local Big Brother. Somebody sent this video link. Nice pair actually. Not much comment about the show, I can't ask my teenage assistants to monitor this one for obvious reasons.

New kind of love-team, it is. The usual formula of "Mestizo boy-Native looking girl"(AlDub; JaDine, LizQuen; Liza Soberano is a mestiza but she looks more native than mestiza beside Enrique Gil) which became successful in recent years even internationally is giving way to an outright "Mestizo-Mestiza" pairing. Which is a good thing. That completes the variety, as the "Native-Native" formula of Kathniel  wins fans in Central Asia with the successful release there of Got To Believe.

NOT ONLY 12 MILLION TWEETS BUT A SONG FOR ALDUB: Kulas Basilonia - BaeYaya (Recording Session + Official Lyric Video)

Well, as tweets all over the archipelago explode, confirming the meteoric rise in popularity of the Aldub love-team, other fans expressed their love in more melodic ways: Kulas Basilonia composed a song. Which turned out to be one of the loveliest songs to have hit the local airwaves lately.

Perkins Twins - Can't Stop (Official Music Video)

Aldub's Alden Richards Dubsmash Compilation

So we're back to regular blogging. I looked at the local showbiz news and it's all about Aldub. So here we go, let's go Aldub.
The pair is hot, and I don't mean only in terms of  popularity but they are literally hot. Looks. Chemistry. Talent.
I'm more interested in the looks though. The sexy pictures of the real Maine Mendoza are fast  coming out and more and more are convinced we have here not only a wacky comedian but a sex symbol as well. Sexy and funny is a lethal combination in my book.
Well, Alden is keen to show they are a lethal team. Looks and fun are their trademark.

Beauty Queen Megan Young plays Beauty Queen "Marimar"

I have to admit I'm a night person, and I'm never home during the primetime hours. Some have written that I review some of the teleseryes but I have to admit I haven't even watched a complete one, just Youtube snippets every now then. I guess the appeal of this blog is that it comes from the viewpoint of somebody who is well-versed with world cinema but still coming to terms with the local one. That's the tragedy of local Pinoy cinema that's why it had to perpetually adapt to the expectations of the lowest common denominator because it was never given a second look by a big portion of the population. There are still many factors that would repulse those who would deign to give it a chance, like the presence of still repugnant faces, but it has already made big technical strides. But it still has a long way to go: local box-office hits usually mean only a million-people have seen a film. That's too low in a 100-million population country. It is easier to fake stats with TV because they don't depend on exact numbers but on easily-"influenced" variables which would be sufficient as long as they are acceptable to advertisers.
           I've wanted to watch Marimar though. But I still have to muster the willpower to refuse the call of the night. A beauty queen on the tube.... or a beauty queen in the flesh?

ALDUB's FIRST DATE... and 12 million tweets later

Without doubt, these two are making history. Their first date, finally. A national event, no less.

For the next 2 parts, follow HOYA HOYA account in Youtube.

Maja Salvador's Dubsmash Compilation 2015

Yassi Pressman - LALA [Official Music Video]



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 8: Kapag Sumobra Na Ang Inggit.... KADIRI PA MORE!!!, STARRING KathNiel & Lizquen, with Special Guest Jadine

CHIEF KAMPON: Big Boss, Big Boss, talagang di na mapigilan ang mga Cute Pinoy... lumalakas ang request sa isa pang pelikula ni James Reid, ang Talk Back and You're Dead. Talagang painit nang painit ang mga Cute Pinoy... South America, Russia, Asia...Naku, tahasan nilang sinasabi sawang sawa na sila sa mga pagmumukha natin...
MR. TA KYUT: Mga gago kayo kasi, dapat di nyo pinalusot ang Diary ng Panget. Mula Oktobre last year, flying high na ang mga Cute Pinoy, magpe-Pebrero na, dapat putulin na ang pamamayagpag nila. Ano, sasapawan lang nila nang basta-basta ang mga nakakatakyut na Villains? I-delete lahat ang mga requests sa Talk Back sa Cinemaenlinea. Huwag nang hayaang maging tidal wave ang mga request ng fans! Nipped in the bud, ika nga! He he he!
MR. TA KYUT: Sabotage!!!... yes, this is sabotage pero dapat di halatado ang mga istrok natin. Ngayon din, dapat i-pull out ang subtitle ng Diary ng Panget sa Asia-team... sabihin for correction... ayaw natin kunyari na mali ang ibinibigay nating subtitle...  Kesehodang Oktobre pa ay may subtitle na pinag-enjoyan na ng marami sa ibang mas maliit na websites.
MR. TA KYUT:  He he he... akala ng mga Cute Pinoy, patuloy silang mamayagpag at tuluyang ibaon ang mga Villains  sa kangkungan. Ano, kahit ba wala nang magagawa ang Plastic Surgery sa atin... puwede naman tayong mag-sabotage!  At nagsisimula pa lang yan..  sabotage! SABOTAGE! SABOTAGE!

Samantala, relax lang ang mga Cute Pinoy, tuwang-tuwa sa balita na marami ang nakukyutan sa kanila... walang kamalay-malay na ang mga kampon ng kadiliman ay nagngingitngit sa kanilang kakyutan...

VOICEOVER (bading):   Naku, ibang klase... ang tapang kasi ng apog na magkunwa-kunwaring mga kyut samantalang wala namang nagsasabi kundi sila-sila rin... tapos ngayon, mag-aalboroto sa inggit... may gana pang manabotahe, ha!!! Kadiri pa more!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sometimes, you have to dig deeper to know the truth. But then again, are you sure it will be more reliable? Anyway, let's play with the figures: which is which??

As of August 15, as reported in the local press, here's the year's Top Box-Office Hit list:
1. Crazy Beautiful You - Star Cinema P225,000,000
2. You're My Boss - Star Cinema P200,000,000
3. That Thing Called Tadhana - Star Cinema P120,000,000
4. The Breakup Playlist - Star Cinema P100,000,000
5. Just The Way You Are - Star Cinema P100,000,000
6. The Love Affair - Star Cinema P100,000,000 (still showing)

If you go by Studio press releases (as of today), here are the top grossers this year:

1. The Breakup Playlist - PHP 400 million`
2. Crazy Beautiful You - PHP 320 million
3. You're My Boss - PHP 200 million
4. That Thing Called Tadhana - PHP 120 million
5. Just The way You are - PHP 100 million
6. The Love Affair - PHP 100 million (still showing)

I've only watched That Thing Called Tadhana, Crazy Beautiful You & Just The way You Are. I'm planning to watch The Love Affair when the DVD comes out.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 7: Kapag Magpanggap Ka At Mabuko, STARRING KathNiel & LizQuen

Nagpatayo ang mga Villains ng mga pirate sites sa Internet kung saan ipinalalabas nang libre ang mga Asian films. Libre para makagoyo ng manuood, yong mga kuripot na gusto makapanuod nang libre. Kunwari ay para promotion daw ng Asian films pero ito ay propaganda front ng mga Villains para i-promote ang primacy ng pop culture nila sa Asia, kung saan tahasang pinalalabas nila na sila ang cute sa Asia (malakas ang loob mag-ilusyon dahil akala nila, na-solb na ng Plastic Surgery ang mga problematic nilang mga itsura). Mapapansin na kokonti ang pelikula galing sa mga bansa na talagang cute ang mga tao gaya sa Pinas. Pero paano kung bigla ay nag-hit ang mga kokonting pelikulang Pinoy na nakakalusot? Gaya nang nangyari sa Diary ng Panget ni James Reid na pinagkaguluhan noong Oktobre 2014? Tapos sinundan pa ng She's Dating The Gangster ni Daniel Padilla pagka-Enero ng 2015 kaya tuloy-tuloy ang pamamayagpag ng mga cute Pinoy na di inakala ng mundo na meron ganoon ka-cute sa Asia.
CHIEF KAMPON: Naku, Boss, patawarin nyo kami, di namin inakala na mag-hit nang husto ang mga Cute Pinoys. Di namin napigilan ang pag-hit ng Diary Ng Panget... ngayon, pati She's Dating A Gangster ay pinagkakaguluhan na rin. Kalat na ang balita na kyut talaga ang mga Cute Pinoys. Wala kaming magawa, cute naman talaga kasi sila e...
MR. TA KYUT:  Kaytagal nating nilimitahan ang paglabas ng mga pelikula ng mga Cute Pinoys para di matuklasan ng mundo na di pala ang mga Villains ang tunay na cute Asians kundi nagpapanggap lamang pala tayo... dahil ang totoo ay mas hamak na mas kyut ang mga Cute Pinoys sa atin... At dahil mga tanga kayo,  nakukyutan na masyado ang mundo sa mga Cute Pinoys ngayon...
MR. TA KYUT: Alam na nila na meron talagang tunay na mga cute sa Asia na di na kailangan i-propaganda ng katakot-takot. Huling-huli tayong nagpapanggap lamang pero pakapalan na lang... tutal, tadtad na tayo ng Plastic Surgery, di na tayo nakakaramdam ng maige...
MR. TA KYUT:  Ibig sabihin, walang silbi ang napakalaking nagugol nating mga Villains para sa propaganda na mang-uulol sana sa buong mundo na cute tayo. Ngayon bistado na, wala nang magagawa ang Plastic Surgery sa atin... magiging katatawanan na lang tayo. Grr!!! Magbabayad ang mga Cute Pinoys!!! Magbabayad sila!!!
"Cute kasi tayo kaya nag-hit ang She's Dating The Gangster!"
"Hit daw ang Diary ng Panget at She's Dating The Gangster sa mga pirate sites. Sana tuloy-tuloy ang swerte ng mga Cute Pinoy!"

VOICEOVER (bading):  Naku, kawawa naman ang mga Cute Pinoy... wala silang kamalay-malay, ang mga alipures ng Inggit ay nakatanghod sa kanila sa dilim...
Naku, magpanggap naman kasi ang walang K, tingnan mo, nagpupuyos tuloy sa galit... BWAHAHAHA!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

KILIGMANGA series, ACTION HERO, Part 6: Kapag Tinimbang ang Plastic Surgery at Nagkulang, STARRING KathNiel & LizQuen

MR. TA KYUT: Bugbugin ang Chief Plastic Surgeon. Dapat gumawa siya ng bagong method para mapaganda na ang mga Villains. Wa epek hanggang ngayon, pinagtatawanan lang ang mga Villains.
CHIEF KAMPON: Sabi ng Chiel Plastic Surgeon, surrender na po sila. Hanggang ganoon na lang daw ang magagawa nila sa ikagaganda ng mga Villains.
MR. TA KYUT: Surrender na sila e kadaling sinapawan ng mga Cute Pinoys ang mga artista ng Villainlandia? Biruin mo, ni walang magastos na propaganda machine ang mga Cute Pinoys ay nakyutan agad ang mundo sa kanila nang ipalabas ang low-budget na Diary Ng Panget... nasapawan agad ang mga stars natin na tadtad na ng Plastic Surgery e wa epek pa rin?
CHIEF KAMPON: Wala tayong magagawa, Boss...natural ang beauty ng mga Cute Pinoys... Aminin man natin o hindi, may taste talaga ang mundo....
MR.TA KYUT: GRRR!!!Magbabayad ang mga Cute PinoysMagbabayad sila!
"Ang cute-cute niya talaga...
"Hayyy, natural is better talaga. Ang  cute-cute niya talaga... "

VOICEOVER (bading voice):     Dangan kasi, ang lakas ng loob na magkunwari, akala makukuha lang ang lahat sa pambobola ng propaganda machine nila... ANO, WALA TAYONG MGA MATA? 
Umiinit na po ang kagila-gilalas na pakikipagsapalaran ng mga Cute Pinoy stars...