Monday, September 14, 2015

What Happened to the LIZQUEN fanspages which were converted into KATHNIEL's when GOT TO BELIEVE was shown in Central Asia?

On August 9, 2015, the last episode of FOREVERMORE was shown in Kazakhstan. The next day, another Pinoy teen teleserye took its place, GOT TO BELIEVE. The LIZQUEN fan clubs in the VK pages were turned into KATHNIEL fan clubs, converting the former into the captive market for the new teleserye.

 So what happened?

Мен саған ғашықпын | Мен саган was гашыкпын was the second biggest LIZQUEN fan club before with 59, 848 members, but it is now called Алғашқы махаббат|Сен келерсің - with 95,310 members. Алғашқы махаббат is the Kazakh title of Got To Believe, and Сен Келерсин is the title of the Indian teleserye that is concurrently shown in the same channel. A cursory look on the page, however, would confirm that most of the write-ups are about the Pinoy stars so one can safely assume the Indian teleserye was bundled for the promotions, not the other way around.

 SO....  has Got To Believe managed to repeat the success of Forevermore in Central Asia?

59,000 to 95,000 within a month is a jump no matter how you look at it. The numbers have spoken. You bet.

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