Monday, November 30, 2015

Pinoy Teleserye "CARMELA" Now Showing on KTN Kenya

You can watch Marian Rivera & Alden Richards speaking in English (dubbed), just click  here . Primetime, 6:00- 6:59 PM Kenya time.

I would like to welcome our Kenyan readers. I was surprised to learn the Kenyans were the third largest group of readers of our blog for the month of November.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

If Noynoy & Enrique is NOYQUEN, what is Justin & Noynoy? It's ... JUSkoNOY

Asians are Cuter in the Philippines: LIZQUEN., JADINE & KATHNIEL

Andrea: Exclusively Yours

Andrea Brillantes is probably the only Pinay actress who became the favorite of many people even without seeing any of her films or shows. As they say in Tagalog, basta- somehow, many people suddenly decided she was their favorite Pinay actress and that's it, so be it. There's really no need to justify one's taste. This incredible surge of admiration is now paying off- like in our case, we accidentally saw her in the film Everyday I Love You without knowing beforehand that she was even included in the cast. Wow, what a performance! Not even half a minute blip on the screen but the members of Andrea Brillantes Everlasting Everloyal Forevermore Fans Club really cheered their hearts out.

 Btw, to those who want to join the Fan Club, it is by invitation only. We have this rigorous  checklist of strict qualities that a prospective member should have, primary of which is the possession of a really pleasing face (No Plastic Surgery, please). Not to mention a certain level of IQ. It is that exclusive.

 But no need to fret, you can watch more of Andrea now. Apparently Andrea is appearing in the teleserye Pangako Sa Yo.

Gwyneth Dorado - Christmas (A Time To Love) (Official Lyric Video)

Who Is She To Me - Christian Bautista Official Music Video

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Philippines Box Office November 11–15, 2015

We can see in the table that Everyday I Love You  earned US$ 2,208,550 (PHP 103,715,716..55) by November 15, 2015.It opened on October 28.

Meanwhile, Felix Manalo has already earned US$ 4,822,493 (PHP 226,469,093.77) in 4 weeks.

We can also see that despite the fact that  there were only few Pinoy films that were being released, the few which became box-office hits recently stayed longer in the top 10, like Felix Manalo, still in the Top 10 after 4 weeks, & the surprise hit Heneral Luna which stayed in the Top 10 until its 6th week, earning US$ 4,313,295 (PHP 202,556,646.50) in the process, then dropped to the 14th place on the succeeding week after it earned US$ $4,419,599 (PHP 207,548,788.64).

New Trailer |" A Second Chance"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A Kinda Funny APECHottie STORY

Well, I was mostly laughing today because of the APECHottie brouhaha on the supposedly two most handsome economic leaders in the ongoing APEC forum in Manila, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the so-called Mexican Papi, and Justin Trudeau, the so-called Canadian Bae. I found these two tweets as the funniest. For obvious reasons ...

Gwapitos: Sugar High!

Well, here's some future Pinoy boy hotties: two of them can easily take over the teen age shoes of James Reid and Enrique Gil, proving once again the deep bench of star-quality cute Pinoys.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Andrea Returns

I've almost forgotten I was the President of the Andrea Brillantes Everlasting Everloyal Forevermore Fans Club. All the members haven't seen any of her full-length  films but for some strangely  "inspiring" reason, we became really so impressed she became our favorite Pinay actress. But good news- we finally saw her in a movie! Accidentally at that!

 She was the young Liza Soberano in the film "Everyday I Love You" which I finally saw yesterday and as expected, she stole the show. At least, for the fan club members.

It was all worth it. We actually didn't invent a fan club for nothing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bamboo - "Nothing Like You" and "Firepower" (Official Music Video)

Two great songs in one video - intense, deep blues to the wild abandon of funk. The return of the King of Pinoy Rock was never meant to be an understatement.

 Simply put, it was a blast!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Here's one thing: Just scan the weekly Philippine box-office figures of the Hollywood-based Boxofficemojo and you'll see that though there were fewer Pinoy films that were being released, the hit Pinoy film for the week usually took more than half of the total box-office take for the week. Like in this case, out of the total $ 3,154,577 weekly gross, the Lizquen-starrer took nearly 65% of the total take. Does this mean it's time that Pinoy producers should produce more films?

You can read the whole list  HERE .