Saturday, August 1, 2015

SCANDAL!!! PART 3: There Was No "TALK BACK AND YOU'RE DEAD" In Spanish But It Was A Hit In Portuguese & Everywhere Else

 What really pushed the button for me that something wrong was afoot was when the persistent requests for the translation of "Talk Back & You're Dead" in a Spanish site I was researching on  were started to be deleted. It only meant one thing, those who loved "Diary Ng Panget" became hooked on the Jadine loveteam and that sent alarms. So I copied the whole page of commentaries on "Diary Ng Panget" but the requests persisted until the comments were all just suddenly deleted. My hunch was right.

The Jadine fans in Brazil are alive and well, all on their own. They are very active commenting on Youtube videos of both James Reid & Nadine Lustre.

I have been writing about the misadventures of Pinoy teen films in the free Asiatic film-loving community because of the duplicitous reactions to their popularity of some eclipsed shadowplayers . Despite the noise (mostly the noise), the community is actually just a peripheral thing, and most likely, temporal phenomenon attracting just a miniscule part of the population in the targeted areas. It is best seen as a barometer of trends that could sell in the bigger market. On the surface, it has noble aims- to develop Asian soft power, but like most things, it's not always what it seems. It could be an instrument for more pernicious things, as we have been exposing. It is free, and there lies its attraction, but it could be easily dropped when one's economic status improves, or when one's hormones start to kick in and the young fangirl starts looking for the right attractions. Like what happened to the Pinoy teens. If you perused the discussions that ensued from their popularity, a recurring theme is the "tired of watching Korean or Chinese faces". Media effects and wishful thinking-dependent propaganda can only do so much. That the Pinoy teens were welcome faces was a cold shower to delusions.

How popular was the Pinoy teen films? Among the younger members of the community which form the majority, very. Special mention should be to the trailblazing "Diary Ng Panget" (DNP) & to the consolidating effect of "She's Dating The Gangster". Special mention should also be given to "Talk Back & You're Dead"(TBYD) because prior to the complete deletion of the rave reviews in the page of DNP, what really pushed the button for me that something wrong was afoot was when the persistent requests  in that page for the translation of TBYD were started to be deleted. So I copied the whole page but the requests persisted (as you can see from the resurrected deleted page in the SCANDAL!!! PART 2 article ) until the comments were all just deleted.

But "Talk Back & You're Dead" was translated into Portuguese & it even had more rave reviews. As of June, 2015, it got 134 in 15 pages.
NB. The only fly in the ointment was that She's Dating The Gangster was never translated into Portuguese despite the many requests (by this time, the fans have already started invading the more accessible Filipino showbiz blogosphere which is in English). The villains can't do anything with the Jadine phenomenon anymore in Brazil which was sudden so they apparently just opted to limit one pair & prevented the emergence of the others like Kathniel? But we have more beautiful love teams. Lizquen must be giving them sleepless nights. After just a month of showing of "Forevermore", the fan membership of Lizquen in Kazakhstan has exceeded the membership of the whole Asia film-loving pirate groups in the Post-Soviet space!

Back to the Brazilian reception to Talk Back...

Here's just a sample- only page 4, 6 & 7, it will be too long. We'll post everything by & by.

If you bother to read, you'll see that there will be a persistent effort to denigrate the film (usual trick - if one can't stop, try to discourage instead) but the young kids came back forcefully to defend their new idols from a far way land at the other side of the globe. As they say in Pinoy showbiz, kilig.


  1. Sa pagmumukha lang kasi ng mga Koreano na fake, alam mo kaagad na fake sila. Well, at least, we now know people like us more

  2. Wow, worldwide ang research mo... different languages pa... You're good, know that?

  3. I was just thinking... our teen loveteams really are our potential agents for a sort of Philippine Invasion in the world market. Like the British Invasion of Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. We have 3 loveteams... if their teleseryes & films can be marketed well, ABSCBN & Viva can be world shakers. I hope they make the right moves

    1. I hate to use the word but without us planning it, our own Hallyu has already started. Kathniel's Got To Believe has won big in mainland Southeast Asia especially in Vietnam, Cambodia & Malaysia, and that will be strengthened by PSY soon. Forevermore is starting its magic in Central Asia and it will surely steamroll more in other areas. Then the coming "On The Wings Of Love" will finally benefit from the existing popularity of Jadine that grew out of the popularity of DNP & TBYD among the young from Eastern Europe to Latin America. I hope the marketing staff of ABSCBN International can make the right balasa of cards to turn this into their own Hallyu which will not only benefit them but the whole country as well. In fact, this is better than Hallyu because the stars will really be handsome & beautiful, the Pinoy looks acceptable to East & West

  4. How about ABSCBN incorporating this supposed Philippine invasion to its TFC infrastructure... so that it doesn't have to rely on the Pinoy diaspora as its sole audience, in each city of operation, it can convert the young to egg their parents to subscribe to TFC so they can follow their favorite Pinoy teen loveteam. Therefore it's in the interest of ABSCBN to convert these loveteams as its attacking force so to speak....