Thursday, August 6, 2015

VK STORIES: Sige na o, Join Naman Kayo Please. Uy, join na sila. Yeheyyy!!!

With all the noise generated by the young stars, you would believe there were less than 4 Pinoy teleseryes being shown in Kazakhstan. Slow down, there is a fourth one, and it started last August 5 yet ... and there are actually 3 fan clubs. The first two have more than a thousand members each and the third has a "lucky 13" members (at the time of writing). Not comparable to the hundreds of thousands of the Pinoy young stars but ... I'll continue down below:

                                      1. -❤Жүрегім сізге аманат❤ - 1,325

2.  Жүрегім сізге Аманат | Be careful with my heart - 1,102


3. Жүрегім сізге аманат/Be Careful With My Heart - 13

Be Careful With My Heart and Dream Dad were supposedly big hits in the Philippines.  They barely registered there. When we read a teleserye is sold in a particular country, how many had the same fate as the  two teleseryes?

They have a nice system at Kazakhstan TV. You can watch online the Kazakh-dubbed, Russian-subtitled teleseryejust click here. Not my type of story, I just watched the first episode,  but it turned out Jodi Santamaria is cuter than what  her publicity photographs suggested. That's why ABS-CBN should look closely on the imagemaking management done on its stars, many of their Googable photographs are not exactly flattering. The Ugandan who criticized that the stars of this series are not as pretty as the other Filipino serials must be talking of the other stars. It may not be classically pretty but Jodi's facial antics fit the usual Sandra Bullock pa-cute expressions (I can't say how it would fare in a drama, I haven't watched any of the Pangako Sa Yo episodes yet).

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