Wednesday, August 12, 2015

воспоминания Forevermore : Enrique does his version of the Walang Mapaglagyan sa kilig Dance

Вы помните те дни, когда Forevermore пленила всех?

Nearly all the fan clubs of Forevermore in Kazakhstan were converted into Got To Believe fan clubs so the Lizquen fans have been captured to be the audience of the Kathniel teleserye (except for the biggest, a 149,000 member club and some smaller fan-led clubs). It is a wise move of the Kazakh broadcast people to just consolidate the fans, anyway they are the same market. The drawback is it is harder to whip up another marketing trick, the contrived competition which could heat up allegiances and generate extra spark, like what's been done among the fan clubs in the Philippines. The heating up will all be done in-house.Which is more effective? I guess, both have their strong points, it doesn't have to be one or the other, but still, this makes for an interesting study. Another one of my pseudo-anthropological petri dishes.

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