Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jed Madela - Beautiful (Official Music Video)

I guess I am a fun of shadows in music videos as a diversionary tactic to save the viewer from aggravating visual stimuli. This music video is practically a study of shadows, and it would have been fantastic if the music was really avant-garde and searing. Unfortunately, there's something missing with the arrangement of the song, as if eating kare-kare with patis instead of bagoong alamang. The overall effect is just okay. Not too pretentious (as they say in Tagalog, slight lang) but at least, the Starmusic people are trying to transcend themselves. I am more keen that an improvement in their output will help the really important artists. I just hope they won't bounce back to the old ways again, Janella Salvador is too pretty to be singing the songs they were making her sing.

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