Saturday, May 30, 2015

BIRIT ACOUSTIC: Regine Velasquez -" Ulan" & Many More

I'm always on the look-out for the STRENGTHS of  Philippine showbiz that we can incorporate into the PHILIPPINE BRAND- we have our now-famous multi-racial physical looks, our hot teen Pinoy love teams (Jadine, Kathniel & Lizquen) and many more. We can include there BIRIT. Birit doesn't work only with the usual Soul vocal contortions, it melds well in a showdown with other throat hystrionics like Opera or Rock. You'll be amazed, it gives goose bumps when done in cool, acoustic style. For a lazy weekend with a young Regine Velasquez in a somewhat dated set.

Jadine at the Golden Gate Bridge & Park, San Francisco, California

Above, Jadine with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

5th day of shooting of their teleserye titled "On The Wings Of Love" on the grounds of the Golden Gate Park. Obviously chilly day.

Para Paraan: JADINE OFF-CAM moments

HISTORY TIME: Vina Morales in Kuala Lumpur: "Pangako Sa Yo"

The first version of the teleserye Pangako Sa Yo became big in Malaysia, the theme song likewise became a favorite in that country, so when Vina Morales appeared in Kuala Lumpur in 2007 for the defunct IKON Singing Competition, she sang the song to an appreciative local audience. Propitiously, with the release of the 2015 version teleserye, the version of Ms. Morales is still the theme song used.


One Click Straight - Shakin' (Lyric Video)

I always give wider latitude to new acts. This one has a catchy tune. I wonder what would happen if they borrow the director of Lunar Lights' "If I'm Wrong" for their music video. This song fits to the same lighting & camera work.

SEXY CHANDELIER: Gerald Anderson & Maja Salvador LIVE

Friday, May 29, 2015

BIRIT-SOPRANO SHOWDOWN: Regine Velasquez & Gerphil Flores - Love Story

GMA hit upon an original idea: pitting that very Pinoy vocal acrobatics called Birit with classical Opera ballad. They should do this on a regular basis. Goose bumps galore.

Russian Subtitles to James Reid's "Huwag Ka Nang Humirit" 2: Джеймс Рейд с песней Huwag Ka Nang Humirit"

There was a previous translation featured before but this one is more accurate. 
Это тем более точный перевод

HUSH: Yassi and Nadine OFF-CAM video


Lunar Lights - If I'm Wrong (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

BRIDGES OF LOVE: More of Maja Salvador... Literally

Thursday, May 28, 2015

TEEN MOVIE TEASER: "Just The Way You Are" Starring Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil

So the Pinoy  teen love team skirmishes just got hotter. After Kathniel & Jadine have released their films for 2015, here's the third leg of the Pinoy teen triumvirate. It was based on the Wattpad novel "The Bet".Apparently, they won't use the book title this time.

Jadine in Sausalito, California

 Jadine is still busy filming their teleserye "On The Wings Of Love" in San Francisco, California. Direction is by the fast-rising Antoinette Jadaone. On the 4th day, they shifted nearer the coast down Sausalito.

IT GIRLS: Liza, Janella, Julia, Kathryn

Pasion De Amor: Elizondo Sisters

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BIRIT EXTREME: Extreme Vocal Acrobatics of the Young Regine Velasquez / 20 Years Hence with "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You")"

Well, the first video is a nice Introductory Course to Pinoy Birit, the national vocal acrobatic form of singing. Here, lessons are given herself by the Dominatrix of the past two decades of Pinoy Pop Extreme.

Nadine Lustre captures James Reid on video at Berwick Alley, San Francisco

ANGELINE QUINTO - Nag iisa Lang (Official Music Video)

I was so surprised by the  transformation of Angeline Quinto in this mv, she actually looked ravishing here. But I wonder why they didn't choose a more appropriate partner. When I tried to post it the first time, my assistant cried "Ano ba yan, mas pogi lang ng konti kay Roderick Paulate yang lalaki?" Yeah, the look of the man distracts.I was not impressed by her other videos and she may not look as good again so I finally decided to just post this one.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

TELESERYE TEASER: KathNiel's "Pangako Sa Yo"

The Teen King & Queen of Pinoy Showbiz have a new teleserye. Pinoy teen love teams are on a roll and the monickers Jadine & Kathniel have attracted followers in foreign shores outside the usual Philippine diaspora. That came about with the unexpected hot acceptance in late 2014 among Asiatic  film aficionados of such pirated teen films like Diary Ng Panget, Talk Back And You're Dead and She's Dating The Gangster. They practically grabbed the teen niche with their beautiful not-too-Asiatic, not-too-Western looks (Yes, we have our own Pinoy Brand of looks & it's attractive and marketable). Then  Lizquen's Forevermore was shown in Kazakhstan on April 27, not pirated this time but on national Kazakh TV, and a  new Pinoy love team joined the fame game in a social media already enamored with  Pinoy youth cinema (and by extension, Pinoy cinema, especially its rom-coms). Jadine & Kathniel will surely follow Lizquen's market successs, they paved the way in the first place. I just hope Pinoy producers will up the ante in giving quality products to market these much-loved Pinoy teen idols.

The image managers of Daniel Padilla aren't handling well his transition now that he's turned 20. He was widely admired for how he looked in She's Dating The Gangster but he seemed to be  left looking untidy & bland (what's with that boring hair-do?) in his social media shots lately.

CANNES CLASSIC 2015: "Insiang" - directed by Lino Brocka (Cannes 1978)

This was the first Pinoy film to be shown in Cannes; though it was shot in 1976, it was only shown in Cannes in 1978. It was recently restored and was shown in the current film festival as one of the Cannes Classics. We have the full old copy below, with English subtitles.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TELESERYE" "Pasión de amor" Trailer

This teleserye is a fiery exhibition of the Spanish gene doing wonders in that sexy Asian corner called the Philippines: a Cebuana tornatra who is definitely mistress material, a voluptuous rocker you could watch gyrating her rock off every night & a young girlfriend material who you could take home to Mama and give birth to small Tisoys & Tisays which you will happily call your kids. In Asia, there's the Philippines.. sexy...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Russian Subtitles for Jadine's "Hanap-Hanap": Джеймс Рейд и Надин Люстр с песней "Hanap-Hanap"

MV taken from the Russian Facebook, VK, page of  James Reid's Russian fan club .
хорошая работа, друзья. Я хотел бы услышать эту песню на русском языке.


The best among the trailers & posters are being  released as the playdate on May 13 nears. Looking hot.

Russian Subtitles to James Reid's "Alam Mo Ba": Джеймс Рейд с песней "Знает ли он"

James Reid is the first Filipino pop idol whose music videos were all translated into Russian. This is his first music video, circa 2013.

 спасибо за перевод, Halen.

Wolfgang - "Halik Ni Hudas" Live!

ME AND YOU:: NADINE LUSTRE (Behind-the-scenes)

SEXY DANCE: Marian Rivera LIVE

Marian Rivera is the beauty standard of Pinoy showbiz, GMA hit a gold jackpot with her, but unfortunately, the teen idols of GMA are so outclassed by the competition, they might need a major teen lineup makeover. I wonder if VIVA, with its deep roster of stars who really look like stars, doesn't have any plans of making a deal with GMA to franchise the youth entertainment division there. Its complete package of catchy songs & Wattpad bestsellers will surely revive interest among the youth demographics the way it has revived interest on OPM. It just might create many more Jadines.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

David Foster & His Two Soprano Girls: JACKIE EVANCHO & GERPHIL FLORES

In 2010, the same year two ignorant judges blocked the Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) chances of then teenager soprano Gerphil Flores, a 10 year-old American soprano singer  made history in the American version of the show (AGT). Jackie Evancho went on to become the youngest solo artist to go platinum- yes, a soprano singer going platinum. It's good there was no clueless AGT judge who could have told her to sing a "more age-appropriate song" instead.

UPDATE (May 15, 2015): Call it coincidence but Jackie Evancho was runner-up in the 2010 America's Got Talent, same as the Runner-up position of Gerphil Flores in the Asia's Got Talent 2015. Bodes well? I'm pretty sure David Foster will follow through with his promise to her when he pushed the Golden Buzzer. Finally, we have a Philippine product with talent & looks with commercial appeal. Charice was a tough sell, she just didn't have the goods where talent was no longer enough.

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Top & Jinky - "Right Here With You" (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Enrique Gil celebrates birthday

Bamboo - Hallelujah / Tatsulok (Live in Dubai)

Bamboo, King of Pinoy Rock. Король филиппинских рок. Rey del Rock filipino.

A blast from the recent past. Concert at the Dubai World Trade Center in 2013.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jourdanne - Oras Na (Behind-the-scenes)

She plays Faye in the hit movie "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic".

El Gamma's Touching Tribute To Mother Nature | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final 1

4 of the 9 Grand Finalists in the Asia's Got Talent 2015 are Filipinos: 1. Dance Trilogy (Singapore) 2. Gerphil Geraldine Flores (Philippines) 3. Talento (Thailand) 4. Khusugtun (Mongolia) 5. Gao Lin and Liu Xin (China) 6. El Gamma Penumbra (Philippines) 7. Junior New System (Philippines) 8. Gwyneth Dorado (Philippines) 9. Triqstar (Japan)

James Reid - Bonfire Love song

HISTORY TIME: Lea Salonga - Acceptance Speech Tony Awards 1991 / On My Own (2013)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LALABZ by mochagirls featuring MAE (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

James Reid's special birthday bash

Junior New System | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final

What more evidence of the Filipino pop talent do you want? Four of the nine finalists of Asia Got Talent are Filipinos; the other five are from China, Mongolia, Japan, Singapore & Thailand.

KAZAKHSTAN: Caffeeine - Сақина (2015)/ КешYOU - Казак кыздары

70% of our international readers click on the JaDine links. But since I featured "Men Sagan Gashykpyn", we've been having many readers from Kazakhstan looking around, mainly for LizQuen but have started clicking beyond. I decided to feature the just-released record of  Caffeeine & the other from the top Kazakh pop act, KeshYou,  to make them feel at home. I've been always fascinated by the mixing of cultures and like the Philippines with its Hispanized & Americanized undercurrents, Kazakh pop culture has a Russified edge which makes the girls far, far sexier than the usual Mongoloid silhouettes from Northeast Asia.

я люблю эти видео с красивыми людьми в Центральной Азии. Казахские девушки в их самых сексуальных

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gerphil Flores Opera Ballad Wows Judges (Again) | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2 /Gerphil Covers "The Impossible Dream" | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final 1


This video is getting viral, and it was titled GERPHIL FLORES GETTING ROBBED IN PHILIPPINES GOT TALENT BY BIASED JUDGES. Just listening to the convoluted "opinions", "biased" is so mild a word, "ignorant" was more appropriate. How did the two clowns even become judges in the first place? How can you expect them to make the proper choice? All that incompetent judgement off-and-on camera was part of the game just because it was a "pangmasa" program anyway? Just gives you a first-hand look at the Third-World minds at work...  tsk-tsk...

UPDATE: This story really made many people angry. I took the liberty to copy, thus highlight, the first comment below, it encapsulates the cruelty of stupidity which privilege has bestowed on our poor nation: "Typical sad story of the Filipino, they have to get out of the country to get the proper recognition... because in their country the ignorant are in a position to abuse them because of their connection". Please read all the comments below, the raw nerves of a nation.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Russian Subtitles to Nadine Lustre's "Me & You": Надин Люстр с песней "Me & You"

Песня была переведена быстро. спасибо, друзья

Gwen Dorado Makes Crowd "Roar" | Asia’s Got Talent 2015

I was not following the show but my attention was referred to a 10-year old Pinay singing sensation who reached the Grand Finals. This clip was her first appearance on the show. Good singers are dime a dozen here, but what so special about the girl was she looked right: pretty eyes, pretty face, pretty dimples, pretty everything. You can almost see in her appearance the parade of genes that walked through this country for centuries. True Pinay. This is a cause for celebration: one of our future stars will really look like a star. I just hope, all of them will be.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Nadine Lustre - Me and You (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Hmmm.... Strange... : Just Another Sabotage?

I just want to put into record a strange thing that happened on March 5, 2015 when the newest trailer for "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" was just released. When I accessed it at 1:20 PM, the count was 650 views but those who liked the video was 923 & those who didn't like it was 4. I refreshed the video 20 times and actually watched it (you have to refresh it to be counted), so the count should have increased to 670 if I was the only one viewing at that time (which was highly unlikely I was alone viewing in one hour) but... IT REMAINED 650 views.. but those who liked the video have already increased to 977.

When only 650 people were supposed to have opened the video, how come nearly a thousand people were able to like & unlike it?

To think, usually, only a very tiny percentage (5%?) bother to like or unlike a video...

Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower, revealed that everything in the internet could be manipulated, and are manipulated for propaganda reasons and other ulterior motives, including Youtube views. Just like when music charts were manipulated to invent a fake hit (confirmed by those who did it in their memoirs), Youtube viewcounts could be manipulated too to present a desired, though false, reality: making the unpopular overly popular. Or vice versa.

It's clear somebody was holding down the view counts.Why?

Hmmm... Sabotage?

UPDATE: Apparently, this trick could be done intermittently so as not to be very blatant but it can cumulatively whittle down the counts in time if done regularly. Fortunately, I caught it so now we know the trick exists.

This blog is growing on me. Writing it was more fun than I thought. I was actually catching so many dirty tricks even when not looking for them (I haven't even written most of them).

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"FOREVERMORE" IN KAZAKHSTAN (Мен саған ғашықпын): Dubbing in Kazakh, Subtitle in Russian

For those who are wondering how it would  feel like watching the Kazakh version of the hit Pinoy teleserye, here is a sample. Kazakhstan has two official languages- Kazakh & Russian, the so-called Language of Inter-ethnic Communication (much like English in the Philippines). A third of the population are ethnic Russians. The dialogues in the teleserye are in Kazakh but the subtitles are in Russian.

The Kazakh title is read as "Men sagan gashykpyn", meaning "I am in love with you" (or simply "I Love You"). In Russian, it is "я влюблен в тебя ".

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Maja Salvador - Bakit Ganito Ang Pag-ibig (Official Lyric Video)

BTS Video of KathNiel "Pangako Sa'Yo" Pictorial

Donnalyn Bartolome - Happy Break Up [Official Lyric Video]