Tuesday, May 12, 2015

KAZAKHSTAN: Caffeeine - Сақина (2015)/ КешYOU - Казак кыздары

70% of our international readers click on the JaDine links. But since I featured "Men Sagan Gashykpyn", we've been having many readers from Kazakhstan looking around, mainly for LizQuen but have started clicking beyond. I decided to feature the just-released record of  Caffeeine & the other from the top Kazakh pop act, KeshYou,  to make them feel at home. I've been always fascinated by the mixing of cultures and like the Philippines with its Hispanized & Americanized undercurrents, Kazakh pop culture has a Russified edge which makes the girls far, far sexier than the usual Mongoloid silhouettes from Northeast Asia.

я люблю эти видео с красивыми людьми в Центральной Азии. Казахские девушки в их самых сексуальных


  1. I like the second video,Keshyou, parang mga Tisay na Pinay. A Pinay Russian Tisay is Nicole Scherzinger who is Nicole Valiente in real life, her mother is a Hawaii-born Russian

    1. The first one ginagaya ang Tatu ng Russia