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Pinays are Again Declared the Sexiest And Hottest Girls in Asia... Naturally

UPDATE (May 21, 2015): Please read this again if you've read it before, I reedited it to refocus some highlights

As if we needed more proofs that Filipinas are the most beautiful, even sexiest, in Asia. But we can't stop the world from showering us with accolades. Time and again, the Philippines is the only Asian country that figures in the Top 10 of the Lists of Hottest or Sexiest or Most Beautiful. Here we go again. In the latest list of the sexiest nationalities by Misstravel (a dating website which annually polls its members), the Filipinas are the only Asians in the Top 10. Naturally.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women: Based on Dating Preferences of 44,873 American Men

    Armenian (Kim Kardashian)

    Barbadian/Bajan (Rihanna)

    American (Beyonce, Kendall Jenner)

    Colombian (Shakira, Sofia Vergara)

    English (Rosie Huntington-Whitely)

    Australian (Margot Robbie, Elle Macpherson)

    Brazilian (Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio)

    Filipina (Nicole Scherzinger, Vanessa Hudgens)

    Bulgarian (Nina Dobrev)

    Lebanese (Amal Clooney)
The impressions were based on the beauty of known celebrities. As if we needed more proof of the importance of having beautiful celebrities. Suits me: I don't intend to be aggravated by unattractive celebrities so they don't appear here, I'm very strict in the appearance of the Pinay celebrities that appear in this blog. (Of course, the bitter would say, both girls in the list are hybrids. Well, that doesn't take away from them  the classic Filipina look. They look like a lot of the Filipinas in the Philippines who have been infused with the many genes that walked through this land for many centuries. Nowhere does it say that there is a type of people with a certain gene who should be called Filipino: because of our history,  it has always been a lot of people, a "halo-halo" of people. Unlike others in our neighbors, we don't subscribe to racial purity. Anyway, because of our latitudinal location where the ultraviolet rays of the sun are strongest, everybody will tan in varying degrees in  time (unless one indulges in interventions like sunblock, sun avoidance, skin peeling, skin bleaching, etc.).

Btw, to contribute to the updated discussion on the genetic makeup of the Philippines, I extracted these portions  from a book by French anthropologists  Jagor, Fëdor, et al. (1870). "The Former Philippines Through Foreign Eyes"

Blackwood’s magazine for August, 1818, has an account of conditions in Manila and the Philippines from data given by an English merchant who left the Islands in 1798 after twenty years’ residence in which he accumulated a fortune.
“Your first question, with respect to the Spanish population, must refer to native Spaniards only; as their numerous descendants, through all the variety of half-castes, would include one third at least of the whole population of Luconia (i.e., Luzon–A. C.)

 “The castes bearing a mixture of the Spanish blood are in Luconia alone at least 200,000. The Sangleys, or Chinese descendants, are upwards of 20,000, and Indians, who call themselves the original Tagalas, about 340,000, making a total population in that island of about 600,000 souls. What may be the respective numbers in the other Philippine Islands I never had any opportunity of learning.”

If 1/3 of Luzon were mestizos even then (in 1798), where are those genes now? Remember: only 2 centuries have passed by in 1798, they still had a century to improve their score before they left in 1898.

 The major population center has always been Luzon even then, and the Spaniards, unlike the British & the French, had a policy of hybridization so their actual number didn't preclude the formation of a big mestizo population (like in Latin America, the big European migration there only happened after their independence in the 1800's but the population have been highly hybridized already even before independence itself). So, if the major island of Luzon was 1/3 hybridized, what happened to the Spanish gene, did it just disappear? Many Filipino-Americans are having their DNA tested now & to their surprise, no matter how Asian they look now, it turned out they could have, not only Spanish, but even German or French ancestry because of a certain German or French stowaway who arrived in these islands in the 1700's. The Americans subsequently tried to minimize the Spanish footprint here when it pulled the country into the Anglo-Saxon orbit, but subsequent genetic studies by American universities used so small a sample it couldn't be an authoritative proof that the Spanish gene was only a delusion, more like a phony reinforcement to the original propaganda of a single-digit penetration of Caucasian in the Pinoy bloodline. While it would be wrong to pretend the Philippines should dilute its Asian outlook because of its blood history, it is wiser that the Filipino knows who he really is, because as what happens now, in a family of 5 with supposedly Malay parents, two of the children could look mestizo, one could look like a Japanese & the rest like the Malay-looking parents, all because of centuries of prodigious blood mixing in this archipelago. It's important to note that when a Filipino looks "Western", he should not be discounted as not Asian (like what some of our insecure neighbors would immediately declare, not wanting to admit somebody native to Asia is really more beautiful than them).

It's about time we acknowledge the very significant Spanish contribution to our national genetic make-up and free ourselves in the process from the false narratives in our history- we didn't become beautiful by accident... it's just that there was a  meeting of the East & the West in the veins of a very big section of our population, not only in Luzon but in the big population centers in the Visayas & Mindanao (what happened in Luzon certainly happened in the rest of the islands, what with the many beauty queens, beautiful people and stars  that came from the South, especially from the central Visayan  islands & from Northern & Western Mindanao).

The story doesn't end there. Just recently, Kathryn Bernardo and Solenn Heussaff put the Philippines in the '10 hottest nations in the world' list of FHM United Kingdom."

FHM 100 Sexiest Woman In The World 2014 

 1.   Brazil
2.   Russia
3.   Colombia
4.   Great Britain
5.   Philippines
6.   Spain
7.   Australia
8.   Bulgaria
9.   South Africa
10. Canada

The celebrities cited were:

World’s Top 10 Sexiest Nation’s below..
Alessandra Ambrosio
Isabeli Fontana
Ana Beatriz Barros
Татьяна Kotoba
Irina Shayk
Sofia Vergara
Sara Corrales
Abbey Clancey
Keeley Scorner
Kelly Brook
Solenn Heussaff
Kathryn Bernardo
Ariadne Artiles
Almudena Fernandez
Miranda Kerr
Robbie Margot
Nina Dobrev
Nikoleta Lozanova
Dominique Piek
Shané Van der Westhuizen
Angel Candices
Cobie Smulders

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  1. It's about time, sinasabi na ang mga ganito, marami talaga sa mga Pinoy ang may dugong Kastila. Tingnan mo na lang itsura ng mga Pinoy contestants sa last "Asia's Got Talent", ikumpara mo ang isura nina Gwyneth Dorado, Aling Fe, maski Miss Tres, halatang may Latin streak sila compared kay Anggun at mas malinis ang mga profiles kumpara mo sa iba. Maski vegetable vendor lang siya, halatang may pagka-Tisay ang bloodline ni Aling Fe , though tila absent ang mga ninuno ni Rodfil nang magsabog ng Spanish gene ang mga Kastila. Yes, I have a Spanish grandpa, dapat yan ang bagong slogan ng karamihan sa atin, kasi 1818 pa yan, may hapit isang century pa na nakapagsabog pa sila bago dumating ang mga Kano

    1. They had more time, the report was made in 1798 though it was published in the Britisn magazine only in 1818. They had 100 more years to push through with the hybridization. So if it was 1/3 in 250 years, it would be safe to assume 40-45 % of Luzon was already mestizo by 1898. But it didn't end there. Even during the American period, there was a big Spanish immigration during the Carlist Wars in the 1930's which brought playboys like Lou Salvador whose many children to many women became stars in Pinoy showbiz

    2. Lou Salvador Sr. has 56 children with as many women yata Hi Hi Hi Hi alam mo na ang mga Pinay, alam na natin ang weakness, lol

    3. Kaya seksi si Maja Salvador, nagmana sa tita na si Alona Alegre, malalaki dyoga

  2. Wow, cute. "I have a Spanish Grandpa". Actually I have pero di lang sinasabi kasi parang lumabas lang na kerida ang lola ko, nabuntis siya ng gobernadorcillo. Parang yong nangyari kay Enrile, nabuntis ng gobernador ang nanay niya sa baryo nila minsang nakitulog dahil ginabi pabalik sa kabesera

  3. Cute nga eh,mahinhin daw mga lola natin pero ang dami-daming mestisang bangus sa atin, lalo na sa probinsiya na may mga asyenda

  4. THE BEST NEWS EVER!!! Sabi ko na nga, Tisay ang lola ko, ang ganda niya. I can see the problem, di nga lang nila masabi diretsahan kasi di lahat napakasalan. Pero now I know kung bakit parang Latina ang maraming babae sa aming clan

  5. Now we know why konting kuskos lang ng papaya, maputi na agad ang mga Pinay. Madaling mag-reveal ang nakatagong Lihim na Pagka-Tisay in each one. How sweet!

  6. Great, this really made me so excited. I've always suspected I have some Spanish grandpa somewhere, I look more South American, tall & kinda Latina-looking, but my parents are kinda short though not really dark. I was always taunted as "ampon". Reading this article gave me goose bumps

  7. Let's make this viral. I'm often told na parang may dugo akong Kastila pero di ko ma-admit kasi baka pagtawanan ako kasi di kami mayaman. People should know na di lahat ng mga nalahian ng Kastila ay mayaman. Napakarami talaga ng nalahian. Kaya maraming maganda sa bawa't beauty contest sa bawa't bayan saang sulok man ng Pinas

  8. Lol, I liked that... konting kuskos lang, lumabas na ang lihim na mestiza. Kaya nga bolero ang ad ng papaya soap kasi pag kiniskis mo ang sun tan puputi naman talaga ang Pinay kasi malamang sa hindi may dugong Kastila siya. Buti na lang malandi mga Lola natin, no? Parang mga Fil-am girls na ang galing mangbingwit ng mga puti kaya ang mga future Pinoys mas popogi pa

    1. Madali na sa mga Fil-am kasi may pagka-Tisay na rin sila so madali silang makasilo ngayon. Nakakabilib ang mga Lola natin, ano kayang tricks ginawa nila para mapansin nung mga Kastila? Wala pa namang mini-skirt noon

    2. Maligo sila nakatapis sa batis.. tapos ipapaanod ang tapis...

    3. Sayang ang pagod ng mga lola natin pag di natin alalahanin ang pagsasakripsyo nila para gumanda itsura mga apo nila. True, nasarapan din sila but that's a Pinoy trait, kaya nga malaki population natin... mahilig lola at apo.. lol

    4. 8:40, kaya pala halos lahat ng mga bold movie natin may naliligo sa batis

  9. The Spanish sperm was the one that united the Malay, Chinese, Japanese & Indian hymens to form what we now call the Philippines

  10. I'm a mestiza too, we're not rich so, though we spoke Spanish at home, I even denied to my friends in school that I could speak Spanish baka tanungin ako ba't di ako hatid-sundo ng Chedeng. This news actually frees a lot of Filipinos who are in the same predicament. Marami pala tayo. Halos kalahati tayo

  11. baka lalong lalakas ang benta ng papaya soap ah, lahat mag-iimagine na may lola silang Tisay. Ako rin, sali diyan

  12. Hoy,. blogger, dapat may advertisement ng papaya soap sa may letterhead ng title mo

    1. Kaya nga malakas ang papaya soap, marami ang nakakita na mestiza ang mga lola at lolo nila, para bang di sila makapaniwala sa itsura nila kaya dinaan na lang sa papaya soap na effective naman kasi puputi ka naman talaga pag ma-peel off na ang layers na exposed sa sun

  13. Di naman yung white skin ang greatest na namana natin sa mga Kastila... mas importante yung mga features, yung sex appeal kasi sexy eh,. tingnan mo mga Latina ang mga kalaban natin sa mga beauty contests

    1. Don't forget yung SIZES.. malalaki.... malalaki yung dyoga sa chicks, malalaki DOON sa mga boys Hayyyy

  14. Kung tutuusin kokonti na lang pala ang mga Pinoy na walang mixed blood, pwedeng lubuslubusin na lang tutal mahilig naman ang Pinoy na mag-migrate sa Europe at America. Milyon ang mga Pinoy sa Europe, milyon din sa Middle East, milyones din na Fil-Am. Aba, bakit di na lang i-kumpleto hanggang 100% tayong Tisoy tutal globalization naman kaya? Para maganda lahat sa Pinas!!!

  15. Filipinos loves mestizas not because of colonial mentality but because of genetic recall.. there are many who can identify with them having seen one in their families, a mestiza grandmother or a mestizo grandfather or a whole lot of mestizo uncles and aunties... they may look mainly Asian now but they can identify with the mestizos in their family genealogies, the genes are in their veins and their children could inherit it any moment now... it never disappears... it turns out there are really many of them!

    1. I think you hit the nail right on the head... genetic recall... Everybody here in the country. brown, yellow, white, can remember a beautiful lola or a handsome lolo, they identify with their good looks, it was never about colonial mentality, it was more intimate- it was familial

    2. Thank you for the insight. You were right. It was never about colonial mentality, it was actually very Filipino- loyalty to one's family

  16. Well, it is nice we're finally reading records from those years. 1798? Just 200 years from the establishment of Manila. The people of Manila must be very beautiful then

    1. Maganda pa rin nanam pag gabi.... the gorgeous girls at Valk and the other hot venues are so numerous maniinibago ka pag mag-night out ka anywhere sa mga neighbors natin, nothing can compare with the quality

  17. masyado tayo ambsyoso... 3 percent lang sa genetics ng pinoy ang may lahing western..... sabi ng Stanford university..... hindi na susukat sa kulay ng balat ang kagandahan.... na sa bilateral simmetry ng mukha.... it does not matter kung malay, asian o caucasian..... kung kumakain ng maayos na nutrition ang nanay mo nung pregnancy nya, chances are, gwapo na moreno ang lalabas na anak....

    A genetic study by Stanford University indicates that at least 3.6% of the population are European or of part European descent from both Spanish and American colonization.[51]

    Bilateral symmetry as standard of beauty...

    1. Apparently, we have here the usual Pinoy who never learned to develop CRITICAL thinKing. You relied on the usual NAMEDROPPING technique, thinking that mentioning the name of Stanford will stop the discussion. It's obvious you won't have the intellectual depth to fathom historical falsifictions to buttress geopolitical aims. Which what happened in this case. It's simple really: just simple critical thinking, look at the genetic study done and you'll see it had too small a sample, no way it can't show the genetic make-up of Manila, much less the whole Philippines. So why did they do it then? Stanford is part of the American propaganda establishment, and it's not really hard to miss the propaganda work done to erase the Spanish legacy in pulling the Philippines to the Anglo-Saxon orbit. Which as it turned out is useless since even Spain has been pulled into the American orbit eventually so the acknowledgement now of the widespread Spanish legacy will not work against the original American geopolitical aims but support it instead now that the main geopolitical adversaries are in Asia itself. I guess this is the right time to review the facts once again in light of the new civilizational realities

    2. Hayaan mo na yan, panget sigurado yan... akala gaganda pa siya pag magdada lang siya. Pero the anecdotes mentioned by the French anthropologists have actually caught the attention of responsible intellectuals, and in many new discussions of the topic now (look at the Thepricity forums), the French documents are mentioned as counterpoint to the genetic studies. It means even serious scientists have started throwing doubts on the clearly insufficient genetic data that can;t really explain the genetic make-up of the Philippines

    3. puro kayo western genetics.... hindi nga na susukat sa mix mix ng genes ang pagiging gwapo o maganda.... na susukat sa GOOD NUTRITION ng ananay mo nung pregnancy nya...... ang Bilateral symmetry ng mukha ang nagpapaganda sa tao and this can only happen kung ang genes mo hindi na damage during pregnancy..... may mga mix mix din na panget... hindi lahat ng mix mix ay automatic maganda....

      watch this link para maintindihan nyo ang principle ng bilateral symmetry....

    4. Eto yung panget na palaging nakikisawsaw para kunwari ay bolahin niya sarili niya na kaya rin niya mag-isip. Eh kung nutrition lang ang kailangan e di di na nagkalat ang panget, di na kailangan ng mga Koreano na mag-Plastic Surgery para makapagkunwari silang maganda rin sila. O di na na mayaman ang mga plastic Surgeons sa Manila dahil sa dami ng nagpapasalamat po doktor sa kanila? Simple-minded ito, pero trying hard na intellectual... may makita lang siya sa web o maski anong pamphlet na ipinasa sa kanya, authoritative na sa kaniya, wala siyang kakayahan for critical thinking para kilatisin kung propaganda ba o delusion lang ang napulot niya

    5. propaganda ka ng propaganda.... ano susunod?? iluminati?? Science is Science..... maraming nakaka apekto sa genes ng unborn child.... kung stressed yun nanay mo during pregnancy, pwede maka damage sa genes ng bata.... kung langhap ng langhap ng pollution ang nanay mo, pwede maka epekto sa genes ng bata..... lahat yan apektado sa principle ng "bilateral symmetry"..... hindi porket mix mix ay maganda na.... si Inigo pascual panget kahit mix mix....

    6. Well, the existence of the Illuminati has been proven many times but if ever there is Illuminati in the Philippines, mga latak lang sa ngayon pa. Pero that may change in the near future as the Philippines is treated as an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the Pacific by America and as China challenges it, tayo ang magiging frontline. So far, comedic pa ang lahat- at the level ng pinapaganda ang mga di naging inisip na maganda magpakailanman. That's why I commend this blog for being frank in openly saying Pinoys are better looking than its neighbors. Kasi magaganda na ang mga Chinoys, ang mga mayayaman sa kanila ay nalahain na ng Kastila,mukhang Kastila na nga iba, I can't see any reason bakit nila gugustuhin na mas papangit ang mga anak nila sa kanila. Tutal, maliit naman tingin sa kanila ng mga puro sa China at Korea kasi di sila pure dito, e bakit nila gugustuhing maging pure kung papangit naman sila, tutal mayaman na sila dito. Di solusyon ang Korean way, na daanin lang sa extensive MAJOR plastic surgery,(maging katawa-tawa lang sila gaya ng Koreano na bistado na trying hard na maging maganda kaya nobody takes seriously their appearance anymore). Dapat maganda ang genes sa family, di lang dahil sa doktor.

  18. Mahirap talaga tanggapin ang pagkapangit kasi dala-dala mo ang mukha mo saan ka man magpunta. Parang pelikula ang beauty, kikiligin ka pag makita mo... di na kailangan makinig sa esoteric opinions, kung walang "feel", wala talaga, panget talaga... kaya tingnaan mo, dinudumog palagi ang mga Tisoy. hanggang ngayon kasi mararamdaman mo eh. Nag-superstar na nga si Nora Aunor pero hinahabol na ba ang nga punggok na maitim? Nag-Presidente na nga kapatid bakit di pa rin hinahabol ang tipo si Kris? Walang kilig eh so you can fool one time but never all the time

    1. Kaya nga dapat 100% gawing Tisoy ang Pinas para mabawas-bawasan ang mga insecure. Pa-theory-theory baka sakaling gumanda... pero, saaan ka, panget pa rin bagsak niya kasi sino naman ang payag mabola na maganda ang panget sa harap niya? Baka masuka .lang siya

    2. The Pinoys have voted with their wallets... Papaya soap wins... para kamukha ni Lolo at Lola! Pero actually, ang totoo niyan, di sa kaputian yon nadadala, ang pinakaimportante namana natin ang mga sexy Latin features kaya nga ang naglalaban lang sa mga beauty contests ay ang mga Latina... tayo at ang mga South Americans, sexy lahat kasi dahil sa shared history natin

    3. There are claims in a discussion in a forum that the Spanish gene could actually be present in about 60% of the Pinoy if you consider the compounding of the rates of hybridization of the Filipinos through the years since 1500's to late 1800's. These new findings are the main impetus why many Filipino Americans are having their DNA's examined... to their surprise, even the most Malay looking can actually have Western ancestors. That's the beauty of the Philippines, a true melting pot

    4. 5:21, I have heard that from a conversation with a Philam professor that there is a high possibility that 60% of Filipinos actually have Spanish blood because of the hybridization policies of the Spaniards. Amusingly, my investigation showed I had Swiss great grandparents and they arrived in Manila in the 1800;s but I look like an Arab

    5. at 8:45.... lol... wala ako problema sa mukha ko.. nag sasabi lang ako ng totoo..... racist lang talaga yan argument na yan na puti = maganda.... eh di si Inigo pascual gwapo?? lol....

    6. 10:22, BLOGGER ito. I deleted 8:45, an identity was hinted, it doesn't matter if right or wrong, it is a no-no if the commenter preferred to be anonymous

    7. It's not a matter of saying this one is more beautiful than the other. It's more like the truth sets us free. For two generations, most of our family looked Asian though we knew that we had Spanish grandfathers somewhere earlier. So with all those who wedded into our family. Then to our amazement, almost all the of present generation of the family are showing expressions of their dormant Western gene- brown hair & eyes, Latin profiles,etc. Sino ba mag-aakala na magpapakita pa pala ang mga nakatagong genes? Knowing one's history lets one realize who he really is, his family, his true history. Sabi ko nga, a matter of truth setting us free