Thursday, July 9, 2015

JANELLA SALVADOR - Ganyan Talaga (Official Lyric Video)

No doubt about it, Janella is pretty. From the looks of it, the next batch of teen idols will sustain the popularity of the current trailblazing crop. The way was already made for them in many parts of the world, Let's just hope no ugly dachshund passes through. Sometimes Pinoys mistake Diversity with being a slow-witted sucker (uto-uto). I can just see the world running scared if suddenly a cross-eyed, a hooked jaw or a horsey face make pa-cute to them.

Janella is really pretty but the song kinda sucks. Even my mother quipped," pang-kapanahunan pa ni Vilma Santos ito". I hope ABS-CBN should send the Starmusic bigwigs for a Reorientation Seminar at Viva so that they realize there's a new sleek wind blowing in the Philippines. Let's not be hobbled by hackneyed notions of a masa this time & not be led through the nose by outdated inertia.

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