Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PRE-VACATION NOTES: James Reid's Music Video Preview 2: MUSIKAW

I'll be on a week-long vacation. We may still post but it will be irregular. A friend just presented me with a new blog template with 3 columns: one for my articles (interestingly, the local hits skyrocket when I have articles under my "Scandals & Opininons" label); second, for the new music videos, clips, etc; third for the old sidebar of permanent display of Pinoy hits. Actually, I kinda like the present one, where the proposed first & second columns mix up and just bounce off the posts with low hits and let the popular ones stay longer. The Philippines produces many new music videos but on the average, I usually choose only one out of 15-20 videos released at a time, that's how high the rejection rate. Some have good songs but poorly done video, bad songs but good videos, some have good songs & video but eyesore singers, etc. I give wider latitude to the new ones & I get kidded by my friends for being lenient but I'm stricter with the more famous ones, they should not be cavalier with their status. Just enjoy this clip for the meantime: from the looks of it, another great music video from Viva....

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