Tuesday, July 14, 2015

VK STORIES: Maawa Naman Kayo, Mag-member Kayo Rito

The admin for the BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART page at the Russian VK contacted me last night in my VK account. Her group only had 12 members so far, I became the 13th. I use my VK page as promotion page for Pinoy teen stars and I make sure all of them are cute- but in the end, I had to decide to post the promo poster of this teleserye though initially, I thought it was out of place. I guess learning Janella Salvador was in it was comfort enough. But I don't know how big her role was there. The experience with Dream Dad is still fresh: helping promote Teejay Marquez was rewarding because he became one of the bigger Pinoy stars in the Russian VK, but you could actually feel the letdown when everybody realized he had just a small role in that teleserye.

Well, we've dipped our feet in the waters, we might us well swim. Let's see how we can help push this. Hopefully they can rush the showing of Got 2 Believe, Pangako Sa Yo or On The Wings Of Love there.

Forevermore fan club membership is 8 times bigger than the entire Asiatic film-loving community run by pirate interests in the Russian Post-Soviet space and they have been operating there for more than a decade (notwithstanding their big financial and political backers- not to mention the dirty tricks). Forevermore did it in 2 months and it is still growing, it isn't even midway and it succeeded through its own merits and charm. And needless to say, Pinoy beauty.

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