Monday, July 27, 2015

"Everyday I Love You": второй фильм из Lizquen

Lizquen просто начали снимать свой второй фильм Everyday I Love You (каждый день я тебя люблю ).

The villains must be jumping with joy, I erroneously tapped Lee Min Ho's name in a Enrique Gil vs. Lee Min Ho's popularity poll in a Kazakh site. It didn't matter, Enrique was leading 70:30 despite the fact there are 100,000 ethnic Koreans in Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, in the propaganda VK pages of the villains purporting to be for Pinoy artists, they were also conducting alleged  polls showing Lee Min Ho leading Enrique, but everybody got wiser already to the activities of this group. Besides they have paltry membership and are rarely visited. Still you see how they use the popularity of  Pinoys for their ends: they try to capture the Pinoy fans and use them as captive audience for their propaganda at the detriment of the  Pinoys who are taking the place by storm. Of course, they just want to ride the popularity of the Pinoys, but it is all for naught: people have already discovered there are more beautiful Asians and they love them. They love the Pinoy stars there

Funnier days are ahead: the villains just confirmed Pinoys can trounce them wherever they go head to head, be it in South America or Kazakhstan. It's hard to duplicate our looks with more Plastic Surgery, they've already fixed all they could.

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