Thursday, July 30, 2015

VK Stories: Grunt Work

I have a VK page which ended up as a full-pledged promotion page of Pinoy teen stars for the Russian Post-Soviet space. Most of this market is composed mostly of the Mongoloid minorities, the biggest of which are the Kazakhs in and out of Kazakhstan (borders in this area are arbitrary because it was all part of the Russian Empire).I have a separate Facebook page developed for the Spanish-speaking crowd but I am momentarily focusing on the Russian VK because of the unprecedented success of Forevermore which totally redrew the parameters of publicity machines here. So what became a mere pastime got more attention. I intended my page as a mere distribution center: all the videos warehoused here are farmed out to all the Kazakh fan pages so that they don't have to come to my page, they can view them in their ow fan club pages and thus allow the Kazakh fan pages to develop on their own. The objective here is to let the Pinoy videos be available and not to make my page famous. There are drawbacks for the latter. You don't believe how weird it is if somebody sent you a message asking if Enrique will wed Liza.

 Initially I structured my VK page as a personal page because I wanted to use it also for my personal networking with my Russian friends, that means I initially chose those who I wanted to be friends with (Well, sorry now for those ignored). But for just the last 2 days, I was forced to accept those who were cramming my message box. I guess it's time to restructure it and make it more professional: post more videos, etc. as they appear in the Philippines. It became a full-pledged publicity page. But I still treat it as more of a distribution center to help in updating the content of the local pages (And publicity for this blog: Kazakhs now are the third biggest readers of our blog).

BTW, to the villains, I didn't develop this as direct competition to them but as a complement. I think Pinoy artists have come to their own in this market, but since the style of the villains is to piggyback on the popularity of others, we know they will always be there (what I call parasitic propaganda, creating possibilities out of the success of others hoping you notice them, but with their looks, it's really a hard sell. Kinda delusional actually, they should stop it, they destroy  the view). Stop with the sabotage, you were never famous there anyway.

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