Wednesday, July 8, 2015

THE MOST HILARIOUS SABOTAGE # 1: Let's Start with the LAUGH-HITS... The Not Quite Harmless Funny Ones

I guess it's always wise to know your "friend". It's weird receiving nicely a guest then all the while you discover he's been doing weirder things against you on the sly. I think it's just fair to let out we all know the score.

If you've been reading our SCANDALS series, we have stumbled upon an international sabotage of rising Pinoy teen stars and surprisingly, in this connected age, it's easy to connect the dots. From the Spanish-speaking areas to the Russian-speaking areas. But they are also active locally. They have their own mercenaries here.

The good thing is they are reading us, even the Comments, & reacting accordingly. Very obvious are the actions of the foot soldiers for covert kpop promotions using hit Pinoy videos, those pretending to be fans of local artists in YouTube, gushing heavily in their comments on the Pinoy pop artists (but  notice, always ululating about  Kpop in the process), and when you click their names, you would be led into a page full of South Korean clips but no clips of the local star being gushed over by the alleged fan.  Meaning they didn't like the videos that they were gushing over because if they did like them, the local videoclips would have appeared on that page (Moreover, most of them actually used the names of the South Korean Kpop stars as their username, a more blatant advertisement, or aggressively denigrating the video and comparing it with Kpop). That was in May when we released the first part of the SCANDALS series (read the more than 200 Comments, their tactics were all enumerated there by a contributor). It's now July, and they have adjusted their tactics: they don't gush about Kpop that much anymore openly in the thread, not overtly aggressive anymore, and when you click their names, a page full of South Korean clips will still welcome you but they have clips of liked local videos already though the liked local videos are in the middle lost amidst the South Korean clips or bottom of the page. The size of their local mercenary network is apparently huge, a big percentage use the same tactics.

Kpop is propped up by propaganda and as you'll read later in the series, it is propaganda itself.  But it is a kind of parasitic propaganda that needs a host, and the hosts are the hospitable partners. We could understand it's for supposedly Asian soft power, but make that Mongoloid soft power, and the Philippines doesn't fit the narrative. But that's getting ahead of the story, we'll discuss this later in our SCANDALS series.  As a curious student of propaganda myself (mainly political before), it was not hard to decipher the codes in this little game. In Russia, their mercenaries established fan clubs for Pinoy artists in the Russian VK (As I wrote in SCANDALS #4: As early as February 2015, I've noted that fan clubs allegedly for Pinoy artists were established in the Russian VKontakte or VK. But I immediately discovered they inserted propaganda for South Koreans every now & then:
they would invent false polls where out of the twenty Top  Hits in the Philippines, all were allegedly South Koreans  except for two who were given to Pinoys (probably, they delusionally thought theirs were the American hits dominating our airwaves). Or they presented alleged polls in Philippine journals where Filipinos were so awed by certain South Korean beauties (which we didn't even know existed) that they dominated our beauty polls.)

They invent many things. I will post them in this "Most Hilarious Sabotage" subseries because in their curiously weird way, they are actually entertaining, even the more "damaging" ones which we will post later. I got something just for laughs today. Just to keep us warmed up. I won't even interpret this. It was just posted yesterday, two days after I posted here about the fake Top Hits dominated by South Koreans that they usually post (SCANDALS # 4). No Korean act in this one, for a change (though the top two are kpop cover acts). Here it is: Apparently, there's a Top Hits list in South East Asia and  Maja Salvador must be jumping with joy, she is in the Top 10. Twerk probably did it. Read the Top Ten in Southeast Asia, you may not have heard of it. Or should it rather be called Laugh Hits?

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  1. Pareho rin ang labas, yong mga Kpop cover ay lamang sa mga Pinoy sa group ng Pinoy mismo... indirect nga lang