Thursday, July 23, 2015

Caleb Santos - You are Mine

My former lesbian friend called up to warn me she's not going to read my blog any more  if I don't have more "of those investigative artcles". She growled, "Dapat pangatawanan mong intellectual tabloid ka." That was a nice one, I never thought I was into aspiring to be an "intellectual tabloid" or anything.

 BTW, you read it right- former lesbian. She said girls these days don't wash anymore ("nakakasulasok" was her word) that whenever she thinks now of girls she can't feel horny but instead, she wanna puke. I'm not nosy so I don't know how she's faring these days.

That gets me thinking though. Is that part of the reason we see many gay these days?

 Seriously, I think she just chose the wrong girls (Or too hypersensitive nose? Low threshold for bad smell?). One girl you won't associate with bad smell "there" is Shy Carlos. She looks so pretty and fresh in this video.

Nice song, makes one imagine sweet-smelling girls.

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