Wednesday, July 8, 2015

HOW POPULAR ABROAD ARE OUR PINOY ARTISTS? Let's start with Marian Rivera, the most popular Pinay actress internationally

I have been curious about the popularity (bankable) overseas of Pinoy artists. I was scanning the Facebook stats, and did you know that the most famous Pinoy showbiz personality outside the country is Marian Rivera? Does the Facebook figures of an artist tally with the popularity of her works inside a particular country? Or just hype, mere empty bragging right? Her Philippine figures are not as big (which doesn't mean much beside the local hype considering the teleserye & box-office performance of those with supposedly bigger figures than her didn't tally much with their supposed popularity;  I just hope no digital miracles which anybody familiar with the technology can engineer, were involved), but the widespread popularity of Ms. Rivera really surprised me: she had nearly a million in Vietnam (which tallied with her actual popularity there because she was voted as the Favorite Foreign Artist for 2014). Not so far behind is Malaysia, and you only have to read Malaysian blogosphere & watch Malaysian TV clips on Youtube to appreciate her impact as the most popular Pinay actress in Malaysia (I can also speak Bahasa Melayu). I compared her Facebook breakdown figures with the other contemporary Pinay actresses who had their teleseryes shown overseas and they didn't even make a dent in comparison. It only means their types can only be popular in the Philippines. It only means the Philippine scene mainly depends on hype, or is it more hype on top of other hypes?

A little research showed the teleseryes of Marian like Marimar, Dyesebel, etc. propelled her to her present status, following the footsteps of the only other Pinay actress who achieved regional popularity, Kristine Hermosa, who apparently captured the same heights with her teleseryes years back (Pangako Sa Yo, etc.).

Marian Rivera arriving at the Ho Chi Minh airport.


  1. GMA actually produced more international hits than ABSCBN, Marimar, Dyesebel, etc were really primetime hits in Malaysia & Vietnam so GMA should relax and not panic, they still have the talents, they just have to make the right decisions and they will be back on the game. Marian & Megan will bring back the magic.

  2. That Vietnam video gave me goose bumps. Artista natin are really going places, kaya pala tinitira sa Korean video si Marian dahil inggit na naman sila, naiitsapuwera sila kahit saan dahil naiparitoke na nila lahat sa mga mukha nila pero wala pa rin, namayagpag pa rin si Queen Marian