Monday, July 27, 2015

KarDrea: Juan Karlos Labajo & Andrea Brillantes

I have this close friend who has never seen a Pinoy movie & doesn't even know any Pinoy actor, and he looked at me as if I came from outer space when he learned I had a blog about Pinoy showbiz. But I was surprised to learn just yesterday he suddenly had a favorite Pinay actress though he has never seen any of her movies or shows yet.  One way or another, he must have been really impressed to become a fan. Strange indeed, it's looking now as if we were two friends who came from outer space. It gets stranger if you learn his favorite is a 12 year old girl. Right. I don't think my friend is a pedophile but I am really glad he has discovered we have a local actress worth appreciating. The converts are multiplying. Andrea Brillantes, his favorite, is really pretty and will surely grow up to be a very sexy actress. She already has a loveteam (14 year-old Juan Karlos Labajo has a music video here, just access it on the sidebar archives)  and very soon they'll be threatening Jadine, Kathniel & Lizquen.


  1. Ako rin favorite ko siya, super talaga. Tatalunin nila ang Jadine o ano pa diyan. May kopya ka?

  2. Paborito ko rin siya. May links?