Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kenzo Bailey: ASIANS ARE CUTER IN THE PHILIPPINES, alright!.... But What If Cute Pinoys Are Used As Political Stooges Instead by Outdated Forces?

My teenage assistants are back to school, that explains the dearth of posts on the younger stars. I didn't want to disturb them but the younger of the two suddenly reported today. She has a video of   "Bailey & Kenzo". I immediately guessed, that was the topic of the hairdresser when I had my haircut yesterday. He was mad at what he called "scripted bromance which was clearly planted to create controversy" because of the "dark agenda" of the many gays at ABS-CBN (he doesn't consider himself as bading because according to him, he's a mujer, he's pretty and "wala akong muscle gaya ng mga paminta sa ABS-CBN"). When I saw this video, I actually thought he had a point: he claimed the fact the camera focused too much on the two for long periods of time, as if the cameraman knew all along what's happening between the boys, proved that the controversy was scripted beforehand. I was actually amazed my hairdresser had a sharp deductive power after all. That explains why I always have a nice hair.
 Anyway, we agreed the two boys are cute and most of our foreign readers here are young girls on the lookout for Pinoy cutes. Because of Diary Ng Panget, the Philippines has become famous for its cutes.  Asians are definitely cuter in the Philippines!

Though, I have a personal comment here: Pinoys are not really deep-thinkers, they get taken by the obvious arguments. This is part of an international project, I'm not sure who is the point-man here but media monopolies are obvious targets, and two projects were at work here, hitting two birds with one stone: the gay agenda & the boy-love or pederast agenda  (Bailey is only 12 years old). The gay agenda is culminating in the West at a time when they are floundering economically (Will gays be the intended scapegoats for their impending bankruptcy?) and the boy-love is still on the wings. Follow the story of Allen Ginsberg, the original iconic frontman of this project which started in the 1960's. This fiasco confirms many in the responsible position here in our country really don't have the depth to  understand the bigger picture relative to our sensibilities. Or worse, they are in cahoots, which seems likely.
Anyway, removed from the scheming hands, this video could be innocent....

(NOTE: The video was deleted in Youtube. I have a copy of it like all the videos we published here, and there are still many videos available in the Net but we don't know the story behind, probably the parents of the boys concerned were aggrieved? The video was just used to confirm they are cute anyway, and they are).


  1. Actually a criminal case can be opened against them, it's obvious they put the boy in that contrived compromising situation.... the so-called guardians of morality should use this as a test case specally if ABSCBN doesn't fire those responsible for this scam inside PBB

  2. Kunyari pa ang ABSCBN na malisyoso ang gumagawa ng mga istorya sa mga bata e sinadya naman talaga nila. Isa pa, sex-charged subliminally ang mga shots nila, kunyari innocent pero groinside ang camera, o kaya sa may puwit, may isang shot pa mga na closeup ng singit ng isang lalaki (you should feature that, may video sa Youtube). They are part of the propaganda. Ang mga reality programs ng ABSCBN ay dangerous ang mga nangangasiwa, kumuha pa nga sila ng ignoranteng mga judges like in the Gerphil Flores case, tapos ngayon, part sila sa promotion ng pedophilia

  3. So Pro-Pedophilia project in disguise pala ito. Akala ko, Twerky project lang sila dito sa Pinas pero pati pala yong Pro-Pedophilia sinimulan na rin pala. Nagmamadali sila kasi baka pabagsak na mga sponsor nila? Ngayong alam na ang mga gimik nila ng buong mundo magpapalusot pa rin sila? That will be the day! Bwa ha ha

  4. I also noticed that, they are rushing everything everywhere. Crash this year or early next year?

  5. ang babata pa nito ineexploit na.... child exploitation...

    1. True, child exploitation. 12 years old, OMG. Speechless here...

  6. The only saving grace of ABSCBN is its telenovelas... it's actually anti-Filipino, actively subverting Filipino culture in the service of foreign demagogues...

  7. Kadiri nito. ABSCBN is really degenerating!