Tuesday, July 21, 2015

James Reid feat. Pio - Musikaw LIVE

I guess, I really don't know if we ever have any award-giving body or even magazine/newspaper which we must take seriously. At least, I'm now bothering to glance at them now that I am doing this blog but just the same, I still don't take them seriously. We have those preposterous Most Beautiful lists, then we have Best this and Best that which most don't bother with really like most of what happens in Pinoy showbiz. I guess it's good for the local economy, money is moving. Fortunately, they are forgotten immediately and only those who won some puny bragging rights remember it.

 Of course, we are left with some clips that really interest us. The top three songs that got the most hits in this blog this July are this song, Musikaw, Anja's I Owe You My Love (it skyrocketed when I changed the picture to that showing the torso of Clint Bondad) and Caleb Santos'  You Are Mine (with my anecdote about my former lesbian friend).

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