Friday, July 24, 2015

"On The Wings Of Love" Full Trailer: This August on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!

I like the fact that I have this small boy's wonder newly experiencing the new sensations of life in writing this blog. Like a big portion of the Philippine population, I grew up mindless of that thing called Pinoy showbiz (except for local songs played in the radio so only some selected OPM songs were my links to Pinoy showbiz). The truth is, most of these so-called stars are new faces to me before I started this blog. Some of them I now associate with some billboard that I've seen in the past but I never even knew their names. I'm not judging them how well they act or how many fans they have, they were never famous to me, I'm judging them mostly if I could handle two hours watching their faces. There's a big divide in Philippine culture where a big part ignores the rest. But it doesn't have to be that way. Now that Philipine films and teleseryes have really improved, probably it's time to close the gap, and it's time to transcend the inertia fostered by pandering primarily to the lower common denominator where a cross-eyed, horsey faced star would be a triumph of Diversity instead of just being a slow-witted sucker (uto-uto). The type of star is important. One bad egg can destroy a whole basket- really, is it fair pretending not to see cross-eyed heroine or horse faced hero and a part of you suppressing its disgust just so you could get by with the movie? It's not gonna work, entertainment is 100% entertainment.

 I know Pinoy producers are not immune to pressure from social activist pretensions because control of mass media is their biggest tool. Explain to these pretentious bunch it's useless because only a million out of the 100 million will be watching it anyway so the propaganda will be for nothing. We already have a short & dark superstar, did the standard of beauty even changed a little because of her? No. So might as well attract the more discriminating majority and earn real money. In a beauty-conscious society, real beauty is key, outdated socio-political illusions are subsonic buzz from the outer space. It will be a task convincing the non-chalant, but now we know we produce outstanding products admired everywhere, it's time to start...

 ON THE WINGS OF LOVE is a perfect vehicle to close the gap...

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