Monday, June 29, 2015

Julie Anne San Jose - Tidal Wave LIVE

 Julie Anne certainly has the looks & the voice of a major pop idol like Rihanna & Beyonce. This song is a a level-up addition to her repertoire, This is for international release, and Julie Anne is in for the long haul. I bet composers du jour Thyro, Yumi & Bojam have the exact type of songs in storage which will  propel Julie Anne past Rihanna & Beyonce. LOL,  let's think big for a change.


Marlisa Punzalan is a 15 year-old Fil-Australian who won the 2014 Australian X-Factor. Joyce of Perth, Western Australia sent the X-Factor links, we added her homecoming performance in one of the local TV shows.
 Fil-Aussies are hot everywhere these days- Marlisa in Australia itself while James Reid is already a superstar in the Philippines.

Whistle Showdown: Angeline, Kyla, Morissette in "Infinity"

This blog started as a joke, but in the end, the joke was on me. Funny. Already, my taste in music is evolving. I used to snub these kinds of songs but to my "amazement", I've already been developing  a taste for Birit. The higher it soars, the better.
You know what, Birit is the hard-core version of kilig. Tipong mapapaangat pa puwitmo pag ang taas na ng nota! LOL!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Julie Anne San Jose - Tidal Wave (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


The so-called "National Band". Youtube is replete with the fanmade videoclips of their concerts  in many cities of the world, entertaining the Pinoy diaspora in small & big venues.  They gave the Philippines some of the most powerful contemporary songs, but unfortunately, wanting are the sleek music videos which could have perpetuated the power of their music in a more sophisticated light.
This is Birit at its most hard-core.

''Di Ko Alam'' behind-the-scenes [Diary Ng Panget The Movie OST] - Yassi Pressman & Andre Paras

This is the other team in the trailblazing Pinoy teen film Diary Ng Panget which ignited interest on Pinoy teen films in many parts of the world since late 2014.
In the picture from L-R: Andre, Yassi, Nadine Lustre, James Reid. The last two are already local superstars. Andre & Yassi, next on the line?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gerphil Flores & the Sarap Diva

I never thought singing could be done best in a cooking show. I have a feeling they will all suddenly cook in the the Sunday variety shows.



This is the team that brought the attention of Asiatic-film aficionados from Eastern Europe to Latin America to the wonders of Teen Kilig Pinoy-style. The closing of their concert in the Centennial Arena of Laoag City in the clip below.

HAPPY BREAK UP: Donnalyn Bartolome (Official Music Video)

Above, Donnalyn doing her version of the femme fatale look.  Below, back to default mode..

CRUISIN' by Julie Anne & Christian LIVE

HOT DANCEFLOOR: Enrique Gil & Maja Salvador

Sponge Cola -- Iyong Iyong Iyo [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Title:     Iyong Iyong Iyo  /  Only Yours  /  только твой  /  Sólo tuyo

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This was released late last year when Daniel Padilla still was cute and still wasn't made to look like a wannabe pseudo-sophisticate with a somewhat "transvestitic" air- by transvestitic, I mean- a transvestite may look like a supermodel with all the blings but you'll still know he is only posing as a girl, just like Daniel may be given a stuffy-looking pretentious hairdo and made to croon like a budding Frank Sinatra, but when he flashes his toothy smile, you see a spirited boy wanting to break free.

JAMES REID TAKING IT DOWN: Climbing the Highest Mountain, Falling off the Darnest Stage For Ya

This is the famous incident where he fell off the stage while singing. Seen from two angles in two videos

DIASPORA: Enrique Iglesias - Let Me Be Your Lover ft. Pitbull

Thanks to Rose of Denver, Colorado for the links. The newest hit of Enrique.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mitoy Yonting - Pinaikot-ikot (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

I once attended a fiesta in a town north of Davao City upon the invitation of a friend & the songs in the local dance held at the municipal gym were mostly of this genre. While I developed some cringe at some point then, watching it now given a rather mutedly sleek treatment in a simple video actually brought out this strangely warm feeling I was surprised  I seemed to miss that night in the South. Magic of music, if you may.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

YES, VIRGINIA, ASIANS FOUND IN THE PHILIPPINES ARE SEXIER: James Reid VS Enrique Gil ¿Who is the Sexier Teen Idol?

Marian Rivera UNO Magazine BTS

Enrique Gil, The Daring Version

Billy Crawford LIVE

KathNiel in Bahasa Melayu: G2B

We continue with our features on subbed Pinoy teleseryes. I love languages (I can speak 11 fluently- Tagalog, Ilocano, Cebuano, Ilongo, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch & Russian and understand & speak conversationally in a few more, like German which is related to Dutch but I haven't had the time to master it well). I can also do Malay & its Indonesian variant (easier grammar than the related Filipino languages) that's why I often scan their blogospheres. I know Kathniel is big in Vietnam among the young demographics but not as big penetration yet in Malaysia. Still, they had this nice trailer in Bahasa Melayu:


POWERDANCE: Billy , John and Rayver LIVE

DIASPORA: Enrique Iglesias - Heartbeat ft. Nicole Scherzinger

Again, the link was sent by Rose of Denver. Enrique, as everybody knows, is a Filipino-Spanish mestizo. Nicole is Filipino Hawaian-Russian mestiza, her family name is Valiente & her father came from Samar/Leyte. There is a coincidence, I don't know if there is any relation to her story: When the Communists in China took over, the 50,000 strong White Russian population who escaped the Bolshevik takeover of Russia & sought refuge in China, were transported to the Philippines, with temporary holding in an island off Guiuan, Eastern Samar (Calicoan?). From that batch came the famous Pinoy comedy team Wing Duo, one of whom is Russian-Filipino. Many have filtered to other islands in the Visayas and I was introduced to a boy in Bacolod years ago but he came from somewhere in the south of Negros (Slavetsky was the family name if I'm not mistaken).


GOOSE BUMPS VERSION: Anak- Various GMA Artists

Sandali Na Lang by Eurika (Official Music Video)

DUBBED PINOY TELESERYE: " Người Tình Của Chồng Tôi "- "My Husbands Lover" in Vietnamese

I didn't watch these teleseryes  (actually, I still have to watch my first full teleserye) but I find it cute watching snippets in various languages. This one has a sensitive topic but it was shown in parts of the supposed-to-be conservative Asian mainland. Right in time because even here, it has started getting hackneyed, the later works like Richman's Daughter are already being  ignored.

Toronto’s “ 2015 Female Eye Film Festival 2015 ”: K’na, The Dreamweaver Official Trailer


DUBBED PINOY TELESERYES: "Dyesebel" in Cambodian & "Marimar" in Vietnamese

Pinoy teleseryes are shown in many countries throughout the world. Many are dubbed into the local languages- are you curious how they sound like? We've heard in a previous post how the hit teleserye "Forevermore" sounded in Khazak. How about other hit teleseryes in Khmer & Vietnamese?

Dyesebel in Khmer

Marimar in  Vietnamese

Friday, June 19, 2015

DIASPORA: Bruno Mars Performs with Mark Ronson 'Uptown Funk'

This is in response to Rose from Denver who has been requesting us to continue posting big international stars of Pinoy descent as part of our Diaspora series.

James Reid & Enrique Gil, Not So Long Ago

Taken a few years ago, the two most famous Pinoy actors in the Post-Soviet space, Enrique Gil by virtue of his teleserye shown on national TV in Kazakhstan, "Men Sagan Gashykpyn" (Forevermore) and James Reid from the most famous Pinoy films in the area:"Diary Ng Panget" and "Talk Back And You're Dead".

Coleen Garcia's First-Ever Cosmo Bikini Cover!

Lyca Gairanod - Puede Nang Mangarap (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

This little girl has the beginnings of a sensual stare (see last frames); if she can be developed right, she herself will surprise herself.

Didn't they just say it's more fun when there are Pinoys? ASIAN MALES ARE SEXIER IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!

I decided I focus a bit more on our sexy actors & actresses in order  that the people of the world can see for themselves there are really beautiful sexy Asians and they can be found in the Philippines. It's the males' turn today. More than half of my readers are from overseas, 50% in the US alone. The primary "negative criticism" against the traditional Asian males is that they lack sex appeal that's why Fil-Ams don't want to be tagged as Asians because they could become sexual pariahs in the beautiful people circuit. Well, Pinoys should be more assertive, be more visible, and be the face of the Asian tag instead so that the others can be pulled up instead of us being pulled down.

Paano Ba Ang Magmahal - Pencil Grip ( The Breakup Playlist Official Soundtrack)

HOW ABOUT A MUSLIM TEEN IDOL/как о мусульманской подростков идол: Ailah Antopina begins her attempt

Это было бы интересно для молодых мусульман
This will be interesting: it's an event long time in coming. The 13 year-old girl tries her luck in the TV reality show Pinoy Big Brother where the career of James Reid began.