Thursday, June 4, 2015

HISTORY TIME: JuliElmo covers "She Will Be Loved"

We can treat this as one of those fateful "could have beens". I only got hot on Pinoy showbiz when I started this blog so I wasn't that aware of the full history of GMA teen loveteam making. I was only aware I was disappointed with the poor quality that I have been seeing on primetime TV since I started this blog last January this year ( Pinoy loveteams are hot worldwide & I wanted to make them all viral but I was stopped on my tracks upon seeing the present GMA teen loveteams as part of my research). In the email reactions to my criticisms to the "alalay look" of the teen loveteams, one thing stood out: almost all the emails have been ended with the misgiving that if only GMA had pushed the Julielmo loveteam through, they could have crushed Kathniel. Well, we don't really know, but that got me researching some more & I discovered Julielmo. From 2011.

My verdict: Yeah, better singers than Kathniel but I haven't seen yet how they would act together. As for star appeal, just equal with Kathniel, but comparing them with the two GMA teen loveteams that disgusted me (those of the primetime youth teleseryes for 2015),  it seemed GMA jumped from the penthouse down to the basement garage. Wonder why.

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  1. Pag sa ABSCBN ang Julielmo, sigurado superstar na sila ngayon. Tatangatanga kasi mga manager nila