Friday, June 19, 2015

Didn't they just say it's more fun when there are Pinoys? ASIAN MALES ARE SEXIER IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!

I decided I focus a bit more on our sexy actors & actresses in order  that the people of the world can see for themselves there are really beautiful sexy Asians and they can be found in the Philippines. It's the males' turn today. More than half of my readers are from overseas, 50% in the US alone. The primary "negative criticism" against the traditional Asian males is that they lack sex appeal that's why Fil-Ams don't want to be tagged as Asians because they could become sexual pariahs in the beautiful people circuit. Well, Pinoys should be more assertive, be more visible, and be the face of the Asian tag instead so that the others can be pulled up instead of us being pulled down.

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  1. Yong mga FilAm mas gusto pa nila malinya sa mga Mexican kaysa Asian. At least,may reputation na sexy kaya hinahabol ang mga Latino ng mga chicks