Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Seryoso na 'to" Music Video | Yassi Pressman

Teejay Marquez is back in Manila, & he's shown here with Yassi in a local event
Teejay kembali ke Manila tapi kami akan terus melaporkan nanti petualangannya di Indonesia

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Southeast Asia's Most Active Film Industry

 It seems I'm developing a  weakness for vacations. We will be irregular in our posts again this week I just came from a vacation, but I just got pulled to another one this Holy Week.

I'll leave you with this interesting table. I've been documenting here in the blog the upward trajectory of Pinoy showbiz in the last few years. Did you know it is actually the biggest in Southeast Asia? And that Pinoys are the most avid cinemagoers in the region?

NOTE: Figures used below were from 2012. I'll   update this as soon as we can get hold of more current figures. Suffice to claim for now that Philippine filmmaking got more active  in the last two years..

                                                                   PHI                    THAI                   INDO
Gross Boxoffice                                        $158.80M         $  143M               $   114M
 Number of Admissions                             48,000,000       28,300,000         27.900.00
 Average Number of films (5Y)                    91                       48                   75                  

Sunday, March 20, 2016

INTERNATIONAL HITS OUTSIDE THE PIRATE SITES: Jadine Relationship Eng Sub - How it started

Jadine trailblazed so to speak the international resurgence of Pinoy teen stars  when their pirated films were first shown in 2014 in the so-called Asiatic pirate sites. Kathniel & Lizquen might be enjoying higher ratings in the Philippines but Jadine for a time has had higher international visibility in these pirate sites. They became so big a hit that   they were unceremoniously undermined by insecure unseen forces (read SCANDALS series in this blog), but the exposure resulted in the villains being  forced to promote them instead so their films & teleserye were now all over the pirate world. The teleseryes of Kathniel & Lizquen went on to be hits in free-to-air TV in various localities from Southeast and Central Asia to Africa but unfortunately, the teleserye of Jadine, On The Wings of Love, got stuck so far in the pirate sites with their peripheral audience. However, OTWOL has the advantage of being the only one among the teleseryes of the 3 love teams to be translated in Spanish. So far. Let's just hope it would be bought as well & shown in various national TV's so more people will finally see them in the mainstream.

Would the love that they are now finally proclaiming to each other make them hits too internationally outside the peripheral  Asiatic pirate sites?

Friday, March 18, 2016

CURIOSITIES: The Vow Trailer || A Walk to Remember Trailer -James Reid & Kathryn Bernardo

I was floored by these fan-made videos by a certain Cai Reidilla. She was really good. She could be a Cathy Garcia-Molina or Mae Cruz Alviar in the making.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is He or Is He Not?

I'm still on vacation but I've been aggravated so much by calls from friends. Frankly, I just leave it to you to ascertain the true identity. My assistant said that since the "gigantic" clip allegedly of Neil Etheridge came out, not a few were on the look-out for other Brit mestizos doing their thing. Is this picture a mere creation of lazy wishful thinking? Judge for yourself.

Monday, March 14, 2016

SOUTHEAST ASIA's Top Loveteams, per country

I should make it clear the order is not important: they are all popular in their respective countries. I decided to place two teams for the Philippines because frankly the two loveteams are flying high at the moment. For the other two countries, the popularity of their top pairs is more clear-cut, they clearly are lording over their competition.
PHILIPPINES: Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo (KATHNIEL)
PHILIPPINES: Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano (LIZQUEN)
THAILAND: Nadech Kugimiya & Urassaya Sperbund
INDONESIA: Aliando Syarief & Prilly Latuconsina

DUBMASH MOVIE: A Pinoy Discovering Indonesia

It appears the shooting of the first Indonesian movie of Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez is just proceeding quite nicely. A vacation which out of the blue happily turned into shooting a movie (and sinetrons) instead is certainly the best kind of tourism ever in my book.

Not to mention his partner in the movie, hot Indonesian young star Jessica Mila is certainly pretty.

Pinoy Teleserye Around the World: Right now, "Little Star" starts in MyTV Africa

Just to make clear, I don't feature here all the teleseryes & films shown abroad. If I did, this blog would turn into a TV Guide. I only do posts on those where I can spin an article around. There are so many teleseryes being shown in many parts of the world that it would be impractical to feature them all.

This new one just confirms that both major Pinoy broadcasting companies are really selling well their teleseryes in many parts of the world. The sustained acceptance of Pinoy stars and entertainment products have been proven time and again by the international hits generated every year. Not a beginner's luck or novelty, their thrusts got stronger with the passage of time since the first international hit Pangako Sa Yo in 2000. The rivalry between the major Pinoy broadcasters domestically is intense but I am just thinking, isn't it about time that they have a single strategic body just like the Motion Picture Association of America to promote their international  interests especially in the far-flung markets that have opened up for them? The popularity of the Pinoy stars which are sustained by the regular release of their shows aren't taken advantage of maximally & just frittered away after the end of the run of their shows. A more strategic unified publicity machine?

Perhaps the government could also step in & sponsor regular Pinoy film festivals in those areas just like what the French & Spaniards are doing in Manila with their own filmfests. This will greatly enhance the image of the widely-scattered Pinoy diaspora all over the world. We can be pro-active for once. Soft power, if I may.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Behind The Scene DUBMASH Movie: Teejay Marquez & Jessica Mila

More about the shooting of Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez' film in Indonesia, pairing him with the cute Indonesian star, Jessica Mila. Our second biggest group of readers are now the Indonesians & Malaysians, and they have been following the adventure of Teejay in Indonesia.

Ini terutama untuk para penggemar dari Indonesia dan Malaysia yang telah selalu mengunjungi blog untuk mengikuti petualangan Teejay di Indonesia.

Translations (what Teejay said)
"Enak sekali!"- "Masarap talaga!"

Saturday, March 12, 2016

NGỌN LỬA TRÁI TIM/ KAHIT PUSO'y MASUGATAN: The new Pinoy Teleserye on Vietnam TodayTV

I'm still on vacation, I extended it,  but I decided it best to still post every now & then.

Have you noticed that Vietnam TodayTV loves the multi-racial Pinoy look? This one replaced the beautiful people of The Borrowed Wife. It joins the beautiful cast of Dyesebel, still showing simultaneously.

Vietnam is familiar even with European-looking Filipinos. A Filipino soccer player of Spanish descent, Alfredo Razon Gonzales, played in the popular Vietnamese professional soccer league (V-League) in 2003 for the team Ngân hàng Đông Á.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Well, I'm still on vacation but my assistant was excited. He spoke mysteriously as if he's possessed by some strange libidinal power:  the moons and the stars have so lined up that  Bailey May must be paired with Andrea Brillantes?!

Any news about Andrea will surely catch my interest because I happened to be the President of the Andrea Brillantes Everlasting Everloyal Forevermore Fans Club. You see, Andrea is the first Pinay actress to become the favorite of many even without seeing any of her films. It turned out Bailey May is becoming the favorite as well of many without seeing any of his films. Baffling, no? My gay assistant is really beside himself. He must really have seen something in Bailey for him to be so breathless.

 Anyway, how can you lose with an Andrea-Bailey loveteam? Why not?

I have a good title in mind for a film but I'd rather not say. I might give away the punchline.

Suffice to say, these are interesting times in local showbiz.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

SUPERHERO RECHARGE: Time-off, Suddenly Lobat

I was scanning some pictures online when I saw this one. Kathryn Bernardo as Darna It was twitted by a certain Kathreid (apparently fans of Kathryn Bernardo & James Reid). My kind of people- big imagination.

With that, I will be off for a week-long vacation for a while. I would probably post if there would be really interesting vignettes (my friends will continue to monitor), but otherwise, I just would want to recharge on my own. Hasta la vista, folks!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Re: Sex Scandal Part 2: Proud To Be Pinoy after all?

I guess I just have to write this one. To clear wrong impressions. I can safely say now, Part 1 was supposed to be just a satire, not a definitive declaration about sizes.

 Talking about sizes, my female friend now claims she spoke too soon.It turned out her collection was puny compared to what's available online. There were many more, far far more. In fact, the Philippines might just have the record of having the most number of actors masturbating on webcam (my gay friend claims that if we're talking about the number of actors with full-frontal photos circulating around, we just might have the record there as well).

 And mind you, it turned out, my female friend apparently just had the misfortune to collect first the small ones. The big ones appeared later.

 Well, she might not be migrating to Africa after all.

Friday, March 4, 2016

DOLCE AMORE: Cute Pinoys & Fireflies

Some magical moments in the ongoing teleserye Dolce Amore.

GAMBAR-GAMBAR DARI KEPULAUAN MELAYU: More about the Adventures of Teejay Marquez in Indonesia

The Indonesians are now joined by as  many Malaysians in visiting our blog for our coverage of the adventures of Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez in Indonesia. The Malay entertainment market (Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Malaysia) is practically united already, and not only Indonesians but Malaysians are following the visit of Teejay in Indonesia.  I guess  Teejay's Indonesian foray should remind us that the Malay Archipelago, composed of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, has nearly 450 million people. Not to mention, it's a market with increasing disposable income:  the Philippines & Indonesia are two of the fastest-rising economies in the world and Malaysia is poised to join the developed world..

Mungkin blog saya yang sato-satoniya di Filipina yang bisa mengerti Bahasa Melayu. Banyak orang dari Indonesia dan Malaysia kunjung disini karena kita punya coverage pertualangan Teejay di Indonesia. Marilah simak yang baru gambar-gambar ini.

shooting a sinetron with Indah Nicc
appearing in Indonesia TV program "Ranking1"

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Donna Cruz - Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin (Recording Session)

Nice that Donna Cruz, known as the biggest Pinay superstar in the 1990's, has made a comeback. She is definitely the most beautiful singer in East Asia.

What is the Most Famous Pinoy Pop Song In Indonesia?

Ever since Teejay Marquez started his foray into Indonesia, I've been scanning the Indonesian blogosphere more often. One day I encountered this list of what one Indonesian thought were the best songs by male Filipino singers that were released in Indonesia. All were big hits there. So Pinoy artists have been welcomed warmly in Indonesia since the 1970's. Perhaps a reflection of the age of the writer, but we can see here the Pinoy songs that left their mark in Indonesia. In fact, many of the songs in Youtube of Eddie Peregrina & Victor Wood were uploaded by Indonesians. I eventually found more pages rhapsodizing the songs of their youth provided by the so-called Pinoy Jukebox kings. Unknown to most Pinoys, the islands of the Malay Archipelago have been awashed with Pinoy romantic songs for decades.

 It was a point of discovery for me too. The songs that were played in a public dance in Davao a few years ago which I accidentally attended upon the prodding of a friend (one of the pranks we indulge in every now and then) turned out to be some of these songs. They are still being played even now. Classics, in other words.

 1.  Memories of our Dreams     Eddie Peregrina
 2.  Truly     Eddie Peregrina
 3.  Child     Freddy Aguilar
 4.   Since you've been gone     Eddie Peregrina
 5.   Be bop a lula     Victor Wood
 6.   Here is my Happiness      Eddie Peregrina
 7    Beautiful Girl      Jose Mari Chan
 8.   Two Lovely Flowers      Eddie Peregrina
 9.   I'm sorry, My Love       Victor Wood
 10. The Way You Look At Me      Christian Bautista

Eddie Peregrina - Memories Of Our Dreams (1970)

Eddie Peregrina - Truly (1970)

Eddie Peregrina - Since You Been Gone (1970

Eddie Peregrina- Two Lovely Flowers (1970)

Victor Wood - I'm Sorry, My Love (1972)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Richard Gutierez is "ANG PANDAY"

Comebacking Richard Gutierrez playing the much-loved Pinoy  mythical superhero created by noted comics writer/movie director  Carlo J. Caparas.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christina Aguilar ฝากความยินดี - คริสติน่า อากีล่าร์

In the 1960's-70's, many Pinoy singers had successful careers in the singing circuit of Bangkok, among them were Imelda Papin & Carmen Patena, before they returned & built successful careers in the Philippines. Other less famous musicians stayed on and got married, like what happened to musician Tony Aguilar, who married a Frenchwoman and produced one of the most successful pop artists in Thailand. The Filipino-French beauty has no Thai blood but she was accepted by a free-thinking Thai public. Bangkok-born  Christina Aguilar became the first  million-album seller & first triple-million-album seller pop artist in Thailand. Now 49 years old, she is still a beauty and active in the Thai music scene.

Like in the Philippines, Multi-racial Sex Appeal is Big in Thailand

Nadech Kugimiya & Urassaya Sperbund
The Asiatic pirated film scene turned out to be very small & very marginal but it can provide snapshot trends as to the acceptance of Asian films if you just learn to discount the propaganda distortions (it so happens the pirate sites are also propaganda outlets of special interests as well). For a long time, no Pinoy teleserye was shown: it was only last year when "On The Wings of Love" was the first teleserye to have widespread distribution in Russian & Spanish subtitles, & it is still the only one in Spanish (many were already translated into Russian). As for films, the Pinoy teen film Diary ng Panget of the Jadine loveteam started the surge of Pinoy films last October 2014 & it never looked back as the other teen love teams got discovered, like Kathniel & Lizquen. (It was fortunate that their teleseryes were also shown in free-to-air TV in many countries so they had far more popularity outside the pirate world in various geographical areas like Southeast & Central Asia and Africa).

For a long time, the only Southeast Asian country battling it out for patronage in the Asiatic film pirate sites with the majority Northeast Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan) was Thailand. With the prolific production in Northeast Asia, you would think Thailand would be overwhelmed but it held its own. It had an ace: sex appeal (this would be the route that the Pinoy artists would take when Pinoy films started to appear into the mix).

Thailand was never a colony of a European power & a cursory look of its stars in yesteryears would reveal mostly pure Thai stars. But Thailand is one of the top destination of European tourists which led in a short time to the emergence of many multi-racial hybrids, much like what the Philippines has had for centuries. But while the Philippines, which has had multi-racial stars all along, was afflicted for a while by a ridiculous concept of "indigenizing" its showbiz beauty (which instead of identifying turned off instead a lot of potential fans), the Thais were realistic right away ( that after all, beauty is beauty despite pretentious political concepts) and they happily embraced their new multi-racials who were clearly beautiful and turned them into their new stars (one of its biggest pop stars is a Bangkok-born Filipino-French hybrid, Christina Aguilar).

Fortunately, the Philippines has regained its senses eventually and embraced its built-in advantage, and that reality check came just in time  as its stars became the hot items in many parts of the world in both legal & illegal venues like the pirate sites.

But this post is not about the Philippines. It's about the johnny-come-lately multi-racial stars of Thailand. The top koo jin  (fantasy couple, much like the Pinoy loveteam) of Thailand are both Eurasians: Urassaya Sperbund is Thai-Norwegian & Nadech Kugimiya is Thai-Austrian.


Scenes from the Indonesian sinetron (teleserye) featuring Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez.