Thursday, March 3, 2016

What is the Most Famous Pinoy Pop Song In Indonesia?

Ever since Teejay Marquez started his foray into Indonesia, I've been scanning the Indonesian blogosphere more often. One day I encountered this list of what one Indonesian thought were the best songs by male Filipino singers that were released in Indonesia. All were big hits there. So Pinoy artists have been welcomed warmly in Indonesia since the 1970's. Perhaps a reflection of the age of the writer, but we can see here the Pinoy songs that left their mark in Indonesia. In fact, many of the songs in Youtube of Eddie Peregrina & Victor Wood were uploaded by Indonesians. I eventually found more pages rhapsodizing the songs of their youth provided by the so-called Pinoy Jukebox kings. Unknown to most Pinoys, the islands of the Malay Archipelago have been awashed with Pinoy romantic songs for decades.

 It was a point of discovery for me too. The songs that were played in a public dance in Davao a few years ago which I accidentally attended upon the prodding of a friend (one of the pranks we indulge in every now and then) turned out to be some of these songs. They are still being played even now. Classics, in other words.

 1.  Memories of our Dreams     Eddie Peregrina
 2.  Truly     Eddie Peregrina
 3.  Child     Freddy Aguilar
 4.   Since you've been gone     Eddie Peregrina
 5.   Be bop a lula     Victor Wood
 6.   Here is my Happiness      Eddie Peregrina
 7    Beautiful Girl      Jose Mari Chan
 8.   Two Lovely Flowers      Eddie Peregrina
 9.   I'm sorry, My Love       Victor Wood
 10. The Way You Look At Me      Christian Bautista

Eddie Peregrina - Memories Of Our Dreams (1970)

Eddie Peregrina - Truly (1970)

Eddie Peregrina - Since You Been Gone (1970

Eddie Peregrina- Two Lovely Flowers (1970)

Victor Wood - I'm Sorry, My Love (1972)

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  1. Mga kantang walang kamatayan. Thanks for featuring these songs