Monday, February 29, 2016

TEEJAY MARQUEZ: Indonesia Photoshoot

Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez' vacation in Indonesia has produced sinetrons (teleseryes), Lovepedia, & a film, Dubmash for you Movie. And of course, photoshoots. Definitely a whirlwind vacation. Two months counting.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

UNTIL FOREVER/ NGAYON AT KAILAN MAN: A Heart Evangelista's teleserye at My TV Africa Nigeria

It was fascinating to discover Heart Evangelista has a teleserye being shown in Africa, Ngayon At Kailanman, which is titled Until Forever for its international release. It just replaced another GMA teleserye, Children In My Heart (Pahiram ng Isang Ina).

Meanwhile in Kenya KTN TV, the ABS-CBN teleserye, Two Wives (which is also currently shown in Kazakhstan),  just replaced the highly-successful Bridges of Love, also of ABS-CBN.

Nice to see both of our major TV stations have the chance to regularly show their teleseryes in many parts of the world. Just confirms the maturity of filmmaking in the Philippines.

The Juans - Prom [Official Music Video]

It's been a long time since I posted a music video. Nice song, this one.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Lav Diaz' Silver Bear at the Berlinale

Funny, I found the best way to appreciate Pinoy showbiz is to use the outside world as the filter. Despite the highly-developed technicals, Pinoy culture is so unpredictable that more often than necessary, entertainment products  would require an acquired taste, with the de riguer learning curve. Somehow, it's heartening to note many parts of the world appreciate Pinoy films & teleseryes, but it's obvious they mostly wisely chose and only buy those worth their time. It turned out their choice  mostly won't waste mine either. That's why I'm mostly using their eyes in this blog as filter on what to feature.

Mostly it worked. But what happens when I start ignoring the accolades from the outside? I'm talking about the recent film of Lav Diaz which won the Silver Bear at the recently concluded Berlinale, "Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis". My friend called me up why I didn't even feature it, he tipped me on it. I have to be honest, I was still thinking what to do. I featured almost all the films of Lav here and I personally have 4 of his notoriouly long-duration films but I haven't even lasted an hour watching each time. Of course, I can always use the award as propaganda, those are the main uses of awards for a blog like ours anyway (though I often disagree with many awards, I can appreciate their value). Unfortunately, I may be a snob but I don't rely on snob appeal. I snob to get out of an aggravating situation.

But I finally roused myself from the paralysis. Ok, who knows? Let's try to watch it first, it might have something up its sleeve yet. Btw, I merely wrote the last sentence, I didn't utter it through gritted teeth. Believe me.

Silver Bear, Alfred Bauer Award, Berlinale 2016- "Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis", by Lav Diaz


UPDATE: It turned out the film is being produced by MD Pictures, owned by the Punjabi brothers of Surabaya who are the biggest producers of films & sinetrons in Indonesia. One of the Punjabi brothers, Raam Punjabi, founded MVP Pictures which has done co-productions in the Philippines with Viva Films, like in The Trophy Wife & The Gifted.

They don't quite name their loveteams the Pinoy way in Indonesia. Let's see if Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez, with the start of the shooting of his new film with the hot Indonesian young star, Jessica Mila, can start the trend. Teessica? Teejess? Jessijay (like Jessie J)? Jesstee?

Apa kabar, Indonesia? Senang sekali melihat gambar ini. Sekarang bermula satu cerita cinta indah. 

Teessica. Teejay dan Jessica. Terlalu hot, kan?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

VIETNAMESE TET: Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes returned to Vietnam TodayTV

The Vietnam TodayTV awardee for the Best Foreign Actor & Actress for 2014, Pinoy showbiz royal couple, Marian Rivera & Dingdong Dantes, returned to Vietnamese TV screens via a 2008 film entitled One True Love which also featured Iza Calzado. Right in time for the Vietnamese New Year, Tet, celebrations for 2016 where they re-released 8  films: 4 from Vietnam, 4 from the Philippines, 3 of the 8 were Marian Rivera  starrers, the most for any actress (The other two films were My Best Friend's Girlfriend with Richard Gutierrez, & another Dongyan film, You To Me Are Everything . The fourth Pinoy film was The Promise starring Richard Gutierrez & Angel Locsin). All were GMA films.

Needless to say, you have an idea of the popularity of Marian Rivera in Vietnam right there.
Quá khứ bỏ quên- One True Love

Bạn gái hờ -  My Best Friend's Girlfriend
 Em là tất cả- You To Me Are Everything

Teaser | 'Just The 3 Of Us' | John Lloyd Cruz, Jennylyn Mercado

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

DUBMASH FOR YOU MOVIE: Teejay Marquez shoots his first movie in Indonesia

We can safely say, Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez has been making his mark in Indonesia. Barely starting his first sinetron (teleserye) Lovepedia, he is set to do his first movie co-starring with one of the hottest young stars in Indonesia, Jessica Mila. The comparison is: If Prilly Latuconsina is Indonesia's Kathryn Bernardo, Jessica Mila is their Liza Soberano. Jessica Mila also has her hot screen partner Kevin Julio from their hit team-up in the hit sinetron Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala, that makes her team up with Teejay very interesting. Teejay has reached their big leagues ?

Teman-teman di Indonesia, ini bagus sekali. Ternyata remaja-remaja Indonesia punya baru kegemaran nanti, yang tim cinta saya dipanggil TEESSICA (Teejay dan Jessica). Hebat sekali kan?

NEW YORK BOUND Alden RIchards as Jose Rizal in "ILUSTRADO"

The local entertainment blogs were awashed with the news that heartthrob Alden Richards' teleserye, Ilustrado, was nominated for Best Mini-Series at the 2016 New York Festival. Well, I was still not too keen on local showbiz when it was shown in late 2014 so that made me curious to make up for lost time. It must have been special if it was noticed in New York. It turned out he played Jose Rizal  here.

Interesting images. Alden Richards could easily transcend his multi-racial pretty boy looks and very much looked the part. Without doubt, he was Jose Rizal here. The mark of a great Pinoy actor in the making.

MES FICUNAM 2016, Mexico City- "ANINO SA LIKOD NG BUWAN" by Jun Robles Lana

The Philippine representative to the Festival Internacional de Cine de la Universidad Autonoma de Mexico was Jun Robles Lana's Anino Sa Likod Ng Buwan. An incisive review was done in the noted Argentine film blog (in Spanish).

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not Cool Anymore: BOYCOTT NIKE SHOES!!! Let's Burn Our NIKE SHOES

Well, the Cebuanos have started it. Following Nike's dropping the contract of Manny Pacquiao when the latter voiced his opinions about gays, the Pinoy people are finally reacting. These Western companies have used these psy-op tool gimmicks in the West for too long  but I guess they used it too much  their ridiculous game plan has become gasgas anyway. It's about time we started downgrading these pretentious clowns, there are many alternatives anyway. THIS BRAND IS NOT COOL ANYMORE!!

 Even gays like my assistant don't support these hackneyed stunts. Being gay is not cool, all the gays I know are very vocal in saying they are disgusted just by the thought of having sex with another gay, so this phony campaign from the West of ridiculous Gay Marriage or what not, to introduce their bankrupt culture is not welcome here. Yes, they are literally bankrupt, they are all drowning in debts and it's just a matter of time waiting for them to crash. We won't allow ourselves to crash with them. Mga laos na sila. Gays have been accepted in the Philippines way better than in their countries & we don't need them to instruct us how to deal with whatever kind of people. We have a more harmonious society here. And local gays who allow themselves to be used by these clowns  don't deserve my sympathy.  These are either stupid or paid.

ERGO,  not cool anymore. As we say in Tagalog, laos na.

It's the time of the Asians, Asians are the economic engine of the world now, and let's watch what our Asian brothers are up to and let's do this together with them.

Meanwhile, we watch out for the paid minions around us who are the local agents of these syndicates.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

BOYCOTT NIKE SHOES!!!: Manny Pacquiao still has crazy speed

My new assistant is gay & I asked him what was his opinion on the brouhaha about the comments of Manny Pacquiao. He said Pacquiao was free to state his opinion, and gays are being arrogant for censuring the freedom of Manny Pacquiao to state his opinion. Everybody should be free to state what's on his mind, and  nobody is so special, even gays or other supposed victims, that freedom should be sacrificed for imagined victimhood. Freedom is more important! He said he threw away his Nike shoes because he was disgusted with Nike for messing with a case it shouldn't even dare messing around with. Nike dropped Manny's contract when Manny voiced what he thought about gays, and what Nike did was plain criminal- a premeditated act to punish Manny Pacquiao for exercising his freedom to state what he had in his mind- & it simply has no place in a civilized democratic world.

My old Nike was very old anyway. I threw it down the garbage can too. I won't buy a Nike shoes from now on. It's good my friends never bought a Nike, they thought it was low-brow anyway. Well, I will level up with a new brand.

Our Blog Is A Year-Old

Our blog is already a year-old (it was first published on January 29, 2015). Well, we have evolved so much. As all the avid readers know by now, this started as a prank. Though I love films, I was practically ignorant of Pinoy showbiz when I started it. This blog was a journey, so to speak. I haven't reached the point where I totally love everything about Pinoy showbiz (I still ignore most of it) but I saw the progress and potential, and those could be a base for future growth of interest.

The best part is monitoring the different parts of the world clicking in to our posts. The blog started as a minor cheerleader for the Pinoy teen stars who were on an upsurge in the Asian pirate sites (this was the prank part), but only to find ourselves witness to the sabotage done to them (read Scandal #2). That was a watershed. Discovering the true nature of these piratē sites, that théy were dark propaganda sites, certainly made me curious.

Now why did I write about these "scandals" & why in such direct way? And why did I not shirk from wading into the sensitive waters of Races at a time when the artificial political correctness in vogue  could stymie most with lesser chutzpah?

In this age of victim politics, the victim has a wide leeway to do anything so political cover was not a concern. But it was not enough we know a sabotage was done. It was also important that I describe the methods of propaganda involved so everybody can learn and stop being clueless (I really have no interest on the pirate sites, they have a marginal patronage anyway despite the free films). I don't know if it's a coincidence but you can see new tactics employed now  in local sites (I have a future more-organized post on the propaganda methods).

I hate explaining myself in real life that is why I choose my friends & I stay away from people with slow minds (I also mostly stay away from ugly people so I had high expectations in showbiz). But I guess, considering the types of questions in the emails that I get, I must explain some points.

I always thought that promoting the beauty of a race in a country not race-conscious like the Philippines was ill-advised. The Philippines is a special country because while most countries exalt their racial purity, we do the reverse: most Pinoys are so mixed that the mixed-blood is sovereign here & the pure blooded are on the margins. We didn't need the Diversity pretensions because we are already diverse, & imitating the race promotions done in countries with big racial problems will only promote one race over the other races in a society already stable as far as racial issues are concerned. A person could be beautiful no matter the race here and everybody knows there is a beautiful one in any race even if the vast majority of that particular race is a joke.

So promoting a race in a society that is not race-conscious is nothing but Racism, therefore it has an entirely different aim. Definitely not Diversity. The aim is obvious but no need to state it here because it is also obvious it is just a delusion.

Sabotage is being done because some people are precisely living in delusion. They have no recourse because they can't permanently hide the reality of their faces no matter how loud the propaganda noise lauding their "beauty". Unfortunately, though they are present in practically all the corners of the world, nowhere in the world, except in their homelands & in their propaganda outlets, are they celebrated for their "beauty". Faced with bleak reality, heavy propaganda is pointless.

As to the question regarding beauty: I don't watch movies with unattractive stars, and I won't waste my time writing about them. But everybody is here- White, Brown, Black, Mongoloid, but only the pretty ones (I don't include anybody who would look ordinary if not for her obvious Plastic Surgery which is actually easy to spot because a face has natural lines of tension which are visibly deranged by the cuts of a plastic surgeon, very laughably obvious when she emotes)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TEEJAY MARQUEZ starring in "LOVEPEDIA" Every Saturday 12:30 Waktu Indonesia Barat, TransTV

Down below are photos showing Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez script-reading for his first Indonesian-language sinetron (teleserye) entitled Lovepedia.

Lovepedia is the equivalent of TV 5's Wattpad Presents where a youth-oriented series of mini-teleseryes are shown. The mini-series featuring Teejay Marquez is entitled Mak Comblang.

TEASER: Teejay Marquez already shooting a film in Indonesia?

Pinoy dubmash hero and actor Teejay Marquez already shooting a film in Indonesia? Fighting scene, no less?

 As they say in Tagalog, ABANGAN!!!

CLUE: it's going to be shown on the Indonesian TV channel TransTV. A sinetron (teleserye).
May partner na rin siya! Naks!

"Beautiful Girl" by Christian Bautista, "A Night To Remember" Indonesian Trans TV, Feb 15 2016

We have been monitoring the foray of aspiring Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez into Indonesian showbiz. He has made a remarkable progress in his two-week odyssey, he just landed a role in a local sinetron (teleserye). Indonesians have always been welcoming to Pinoy artists. While Teejay filmed his first sinetron, Southeast Asia's top balladeer Christian Bautista had his concert televised on February 15 as Valentine's offering of Indonesian TransTV. Christian first conquered Indonesia a decade ago when his regionwide hit The Way You Look At Me topped the local charts (all the Southeast Asian charts, for that matter). He never looked back, he has maintained his popularity in Indonesia through the years.

Official Trailer | 'Always Be My Maybe' | Gerald Anderson, Arci Muñoz

Nice to know, the perennial click-getter of our blog for all-time, Miss Arci Munoz, is the leading lady in a new film. I don't need to know the story & director. Star power. I will watch it because of Arci.

Of course, that goes without saying, I'm sure Arci won't have made the film if it didn't have a good story or director.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Re: Sex Scandals

I had a funny afternoon at my usual coffee house hang-out. The topic was the sudden increase in the number of jerk-off videos of local male celebrities that are circulating online. One of the girls had compiled them all in her computer and the group got busy judging who was real & who was not. I thought all of her clips were real. So was the unanimous opinion.

One of my male friends asked the girls if the clips made them more avid fans that they will now form a fan club of any of the actors. Well, the two girls in the group, both nearing 30 & still available,  were size queens & they answered that only the youngest boy met the standards but he was too young to be their sex object. They were now his fans but unfortunately they considered themselves too old to join his fan club.

Yeah, I know, it's a tough life. Whoever heard joining an actor's fan club just because he had the right size?

NB. Now I know why my two friends, both pretty, are nearing 30 but still available. Dapat mag-migrate sila sa Africa. Joke only ha

Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Dolce Amore" Full Trailer: Starting February 15

Oh, my assistant told me when this trailer was released last February 2 but I decided to post it on the day just before its opening. Pinoy TV is really a happening place these days: the Pinoy young stars who created beachheads for Pinoy showbiz in many parts of the word keeps on rocking. Right on!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rico Blanco - Videoke Queen (Official Music Video)

If you've noticed lately, we've limited our posting of music videos & TV music shows. Part of the maturation of the blog.  I will still feature the really interesting ones every now & then (like this one) to highlight what's edgy with Pinoy OPM but if you're looking for a more comprehensive look, there are many blogs dedicated to OPM music videos, let's patronize them all (though the fate of the biggest one, with more than 100,000 followers, was curious: after being cluttered suddenly with  malware which greatly aggravated anybody accessing it, it has suddenly disappeared. Another big mystery: both the malware & the disappearance).

 But I won't post any more just for the sake of having something to post. Starting as a prank but eventually evolving into being investigative, we'll try to push up the level of this blog some more. I finally decided I must be liking this if I could come up with something to post in 10 minutes. We are not on a heavy mission here though: Pinoy culture has been hobbled by mediocrity for too long, it will take a lot more to shape it up. But the Philippines has found its economic stride lately so we better not be too coy with our two-cents. We are simply flinging arrows to the air; if they hit, well & good.

 If you know what to ignore, Pinoy showbiz could be a bright spot. Besides, there are bonuses..... Rico Blanco's  music is one..

Friday, February 12, 2016

ANBIE: He's still 6'4", she is still 4'8" & they hit it off this Valentines' Day

Andre Paras is creating history: while other teen idols are usually stuck in one pair, he has two loveteams both running strong this Valentines Day. On cinemahouses, he has his Yandre with Yassi Pressman & their film Girlfriend for Hire is his Valentine offering for the crowd who's got PHP 200 to spare, while on TV, among pennypinchers or otherwise, his unusual but cute team-up with Barbie Forteza, That's My Amboy, is certainly picking-up steam all the way  through the Valentines Day. The former Varsity hero is certainly doing a full-court press, he's covering all the bases, and what do you know, he's piling up the points.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

CÔ GÁI ĐẾN TỪ ĐẠI DƯƠNG/Dyesebel: Anne Curtis as a sexy mermaid on Vietnam TodayTV

Somebody at Vietnam TodayTV has really good taste, A topless (not frontal though) Anne Curtis  playing a mermaid certainly is enough reason to show a teleserye. Very delicious decision? More like slurping a steaming bowl of Pho at Ben Thanh market with lots of basil & chili. Very hot!

Dyesebel is one of the two Pinoy teleseryes currently being shown on TodayTV. The other one is The Borrowed Wife which we featured before. It replaced the recently concluded Basahang Ginto.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teeju? Teelia? Jujay? Jutee?

Teejay Marquez' Indonesian fans are an imaginative lot. Good for them, the Pinoy showbiz blogosphere is easily accessible to them because it is mostly in English. I was scanning the Indonesian online pages when I saw this picture. I was nearly fooled, I actually asked my assistant to research if Teejay Marquez ever did a film with Julia Barreto & Jadine. My assistant got the upper hand this time: didn't I see that the pic was a publicity for the movie Para Sa Hopeless Romantic & Teejay's picture was substituted for someone else?

 Yeah, yeah. Some Indonesian fan thinking Teejay looked better with Julia. They have taste, don't they?

(The fans actually have an online sort-of serialized novella all their own (in Bahasa Indonesia) titled My Soul, New Season starring their Pinoy idol)

Below, Teejay doing his Twerk routine in an Indonesian TV show.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Teejay Marquez in his first Intrigue in Indonesia

I first studied Malay nearly a decade ago, and the trip of Teejay Marquez to Indonesia gave me the chance to refresh my Bahasa Indonesia (both Malay-based Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Malaysia are diverging, like all languages they are alive & influenced by many variables locally & externally). The current evolution certainly has more new colloquial terms and it was good keeping abreast with the times.

 I wonder if this incident means Teejay certainly has a competent PR machine behind him in Indonesia or that was just the style of the host to create his own PR effect. The heat would certainly  increase Teejay's visibility at the end of the day. He just figured in his first intrigue. Complete with a kontrabida-looking villain. In his appearance in the Indonesian TV program Hitam Putih, host Deddy Corbuzier, known locally for instigating intrigues, commented if the soft face of Teejay was due to an operation.

Then he posted this in his Instagram.

 That got the ire of the fans, that he was bullying Teejay, and a little storm was created in the social media.

Below is a part of Teejay's appearance in the TV show Hitam Putih,but not the actual controversial portion. You can watch the full show, just click here.


Official Full Trailer: "Lakbay2Love"

Kinda late posting this one but a friend actually recommended it. I will watch it though I still have to find the time.

I Think I'm In Love - Yassi and Andre (Girlfriend For Hire Music Video)

Friday, February 5, 2016

MarShy? Shymar? Shymark? MarkShy?

One time, I asked my assistant to look for a Youtube video featuring Mark Neumann. She complained his manager was lazy,  there was nothing interesting. I still insisted she looked some more until she finally came up with a video which she still complained might not interest much unless they just wanna watch Mark speak, stare at his face while listening to his voice.

Well, I thought, those were exactly the perfect reasons so I told her to just publish it. I decided to just title it "Mark Neumann,... just talking..." Well, what do you know? That post was our top post this weekend. Apparently, Mark is being noticed now that he is paired with Shy Carlos in a new series titled Tasya Fantasia.

 I can feel a hot new loveteam is on its way...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Pinoy dubmash hero and actor Teejay Marquez attended the premier of the Indonesian film Talak 3 in Jakarta together with some talents of Utari Management. In one picture, he was shot together with the lovely Syifa Hadyu. Loveteam material, I think. I wonder if somebody could be thinking the same thing in Indonesia?

Teman-teman di Indonesia, mereka terlihat bersama indah. Lumayan dipanggil Teesyi (Teejay dan Syifa). Seharusnya ada filem atau sinetron mereka bersama nanti, kan?

IN LOVE AGAIN/ MULI in Nigeria: Marian Rivera STAR POWER without Borders, all her Teleseryes are shown abroad

As if one still needs more proof of the Star Power on the international telenovela circuit  of Pinay actress Maria Rivera. A teleserye must be shown because Marian Rivera is in it. The teleserye Carmela might have had a disappointing ending, according to an African fan, but her name was enough excuse to show more of Marian Rivera.

In Love Again, showing 21:00 local time, at  MyTV Africa,  Nigeria.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Vợ mượn"/"The Borrowed Wife": Another Pinoy Teleserye on Vietnam TodayTV

I love food and I love Vietnamese cuisine. I am the type who travel far just to get a fix with a craving, like upon hearing that the original Bicol Express originated from there, I went to Legazpi just to get the real taste of the genuine Gulay na Lada then returned to Manila immediately afterwards (I've seen Mayon before, I was only thinking of the original Bicol Express that time).

Vietnam is near. As practically every travel book recommends it, I fear I might suddenly get the craving to try the streetfood one afternoon then return home immediately after I get my fill. So I'm actually learning colloquial Vietnamese now. It might come handy navigating the food stalls in the streets of Saigon (District 1 & 3 of Ho Chi Minh City). It will be my second Asian foreign  language after Malay (I can manage both Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Indonesia, which are easy to learn for a Filipino especially if you speak Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo & Ilocano like me: a Malay word might not be found in Tagalog or Cebuano but it could be found in Ilocano, or it could be found in Cebuano but not found in Tagalog & the rest, etc.).

I love watching Vietnamese-dubbed teleseryes. For now obvious reasons.

There are two Pinoy teleseryes now being shown on Vietnam TodayTV. Basahang Ginto (which we featured  before) & this one, The Borrowed Wife.

Darna is Pinay Only? How about an Indonesian Darna?

Who said Darna is exclusively Pinay?

 Darna is a comics superheroine written by noted Pinoy novelist Mars Ravelo which became immortalized in many Pinoy films starring various Pinay screen sirens. On May 31, 1951 Royal Productions first brought Darna to the silver screen starring Rosa del Rosario. There would be a succession of sexy actresses playing the superheroine. Not only in the Philippines. In 1980, an Indonesian version was made starring sexy Lidya Kandou who would later become one of the most awarded Indonesian actresses.
Lidya  Kandou, Indonesian Darna
 "Darna Ajaib" (1980)- this is the first part of the film, if you want to watch it whole, all the parts can be found on Youtube