Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our Blog Is A Year-Old

Our blog is already a year-old (it was first published on January 29, 2015). Well, we have evolved so much. As all the avid readers know by now, this started as a prank. Though I love films, I was practically ignorant of Pinoy showbiz when I started it. This blog was a journey, so to speak. I haven't reached the point where I totally love everything about Pinoy showbiz (I still ignore most of it) but I saw the progress and potential, and those could be a base for future growth of interest.

The best part is monitoring the different parts of the world clicking in to our posts. The blog started as a minor cheerleader for the Pinoy teen stars who were on an upsurge in the Asian pirate sites (this was the prank part), but only to find ourselves witness to the sabotage done to them (read Scandal #2). That was a watershed. Discovering the true nature of these piratē sites, that théy were dark propaganda sites, certainly made me curious.

Now why did I write about these "scandals" & why in such direct way? And why did I not shirk from wading into the sensitive waters of Races at a time when the artificial political correctness in vogue  could stymie most with lesser chutzpah?

In this age of victim politics, the victim has a wide leeway to do anything so political cover was not a concern. But it was not enough we know a sabotage was done. It was also important that I describe the methods of propaganda involved so everybody can learn and stop being clueless (I really have no interest on the pirate sites, they have a marginal patronage anyway despite the free films). I don't know if it's a coincidence but you can see new tactics employed now  in local sites (I have a future more-organized post on the propaganda methods).

I hate explaining myself in real life that is why I choose my friends & I stay away from people with slow minds (I also mostly stay away from ugly people so I had high expectations in showbiz). But I guess, considering the types of questions in the emails that I get, I must explain some points.

I always thought that promoting the beauty of a race in a country not race-conscious like the Philippines was ill-advised. The Philippines is a special country because while most countries exalt their racial purity, we do the reverse: most Pinoys are so mixed that the mixed-blood is sovereign here & the pure blooded are on the margins. We didn't need the Diversity pretensions because we are already diverse, & imitating the race promotions done in countries with big racial problems will only promote one race over the other races in a society already stable as far as racial issues are concerned. A person could be beautiful no matter the race here and everybody knows there is a beautiful one in any race even if the vast majority of that particular race is a joke.

So promoting a race in a society that is not race-conscious is nothing but Racism, therefore it has an entirely different aim. Definitely not Diversity. The aim is obvious but no need to state it here because it is also obvious it is just a delusion.

Sabotage is being done because some people are precisely living in delusion. They have no recourse because they can't permanently hide the reality of their faces no matter how loud the propaganda noise lauding their "beauty". Unfortunately, though they are present in practically all the corners of the world, nowhere in the world, except in their homelands & in their propaganda outlets, are they celebrated for their "beauty". Faced with bleak reality, heavy propaganda is pointless.

As to the question regarding beauty: I don't watch movies with unattractive stars, and I won't waste my time writing about them. But everybody is here- White, Brown, Black, Mongoloid, but only the pretty ones (I don't include anybody who would look ordinary if not for her obvious Plastic Surgery which is actually easy to spot because a face has natural lines of tension which are visibly deranged by the cuts of a plastic surgeon, very laughably obvious when she emotes)


  1. Idol,I really like your style. More power to the blog

  2. Tama, kaya sabotage sila ng sabotage kasi di nila matanggap ang katotohanan na suko na Plastic Surgery sa kanila kaya pinanggigigilan nila ang mga mas may itsura sa kanila

  3. Malas natin maski mukhang uod pinipilit tuloy na artista natin

    1. Wala namang problema kung maganda lang piliin nila. Mahirap yang ipinopromote ang race kasi maski duling nakakalusot. Wala na lang pumansin kasi malinaw nga ang promotion sa lahi nila ngayon kaya tumahimik na lang siguro ang lahat muna. Pero maski yong duling na yan ipinopromote abroad na Pinay beauty. Tingnan mo yong iba, parang airport ang mukha kasi naglalaban na sa hila ng retoke sa mata at panga pero beautiful din daw siya e halatado mong parang maskara na ang mukha. Beauty queen tayo ng beauty queen e bumababa naman ang standard natin dahil sa mga salingpusa na to

  4. Actually nagmukha lang silang katawa-tawa, bumili lang sana sila ng salamin & they will realize it is all pointless. Yeah, pointless is definitely the right word. Let there be Peace to the world

  5. Congrats for the anniversary. You did well.