Friday, February 26, 2016


UPDATE: It turned out the film is being produced by MD Pictures, owned by the Punjabi brothers of Surabaya who are the biggest producers of films & sinetrons in Indonesia. One of the Punjabi brothers, Raam Punjabi, founded MVP Pictures which has done co-productions in the Philippines with Viva Films, like in The Trophy Wife & The Gifted.

They don't quite name their loveteams the Pinoy way in Indonesia. Let's see if Pinoy actor Teejay Marquez, with the start of the shooting of his new film with the hot Indonesian young star, Jessica Mila, can start the trend. Teessica? Teejess? Jessijay (like Jessie J)? Jesstee?

Apa kabar, Indonesia? Senang sekali melihat gambar ini. Sekarang bermula satu cerita cinta indah. 

Teessica. Teejay dan Jessica. Terlalu hot, kan?


  1. Bagay sila, baka di na makauwi dito sa Pinas si Teejay, may Jessica na siya, maganda na, seksi pa

  2. 300 million ang population ng Indonesia, 800 billion dollars ang economy samantalang 299 billion dollars lang ang economy ng Pilipinas., 100 million lang ang Pilipino. If Teejay plays his cards well, he might have been luckier he struck it in Indonesia first then balik na lang siya dito pag mayaman siya para he works on his terms. Like Imelda Papin, she struck it big in Thailand before she came home so she had the money to finance her career here