Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Darna is Pinay Only? How about an Indonesian Darna?

Who said Darna is exclusively Pinay?

 Darna is a comics superheroine written by noted Pinoy novelist Mars Ravelo which became immortalized in many Pinoy films starring various Pinay screen sirens. On May 31, 1951 Royal Productions first brought Darna to the silver screen starring Rosa del Rosario. There would be a succession of sexy actresses playing the superheroine. Not only in the Philippines. In 1980, an Indonesian version was made starring sexy Lidya Kandou who would later become one of the most awarded Indonesian actresses.
Lidya  Kandou, Indonesian Darna
 "Darna Ajaib" (1980)- this is the first part of the film, if you want to watch it whole, all the parts can be found on Youtube


  1. Parang Dutch mestiza rin siya, maganda

  2. Her roots actually is Northern Sulawesi just below Davao & it is the part of Indonesia where there are lots of mestiza because it was a Spanish outpost before it was sold to the Dutch. She came from Manado the capital. Many beautiful Indonesian actresses came from there like Rima Melati.The people speak a language like Visayan because the original inhabitants were Visayans who settled there so it is like the Philippines where there are also mestizas. The place is also Christian but Protestant because the Dutch were Protestants