Monday, February 8, 2016

Teejay Marquez in his first Intrigue in Indonesia

I first studied Malay nearly a decade ago, and the trip of Teejay Marquez to Indonesia gave me the chance to refresh my Bahasa Indonesia (both Malay-based Bahasa Indonesia & Bahasa Malaysia are diverging, like all languages they are alive & influenced by many variables locally & externally). The current evolution certainly has more new colloquial terms and it was good keeping abreast with the times.

 I wonder if this incident means Teejay certainly has a competent PR machine behind him in Indonesia or that was just the style of the host to create his own PR effect. The heat would certainly  increase Teejay's visibility at the end of the day. He just figured in his first intrigue. Complete with a kontrabida-looking villain. In his appearance in the Indonesian TV program Hitam Putih, host Deddy Corbuzier, known locally for instigating intrigues, commented if the soft face of Teejay was due to an operation.

Then he posted this in his Instagram.

 That got the ire of the fans, that he was bullying Teejay, and a little storm was created in the social media.

Below is a part of Teejay's appearance in the TV show Hitam Putih,but not the actual controversial portion. You can watch the full show, just click here.


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