Friday, February 5, 2016

MarShy? Shymar? Shymark? MarkShy?

One time, I asked my assistant to look for a Youtube video featuring Mark Neumann. She complained his manager was lazy,  there was nothing interesting. I still insisted she looked some more until she finally came up with a video which she still complained might not interest much unless they just wanna watch Mark speak, stare at his face while listening to his voice.

Well, I thought, those were exactly the perfect reasons so I told her to just publish it. I decided to just title it "Mark Neumann,... just talking..." Well, what do you know? That post was our top post this weekend. Apparently, Mark is being noticed now that he is paired with Shy Carlos in a new series titled Tasya Fantasia.

 I can feel a hot new loveteam is on its way...


  1. Di ok mga pangalan nila, apelyido na lang. NeuCar, Carmann, Neulos, Mannlos

  2. Uy pasimple. May kopya ka? Link naman o

    1. Totoo ba yon? Sige nga, video link naman jan cge na