Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FOREVERMORE VS DREAM DAD / BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART is the Third Teleserye in TWO MONTHS in Kazakhstan: / Жүрегім саған аманат

I guess, it's not just a matter of selling. One should also determine if one is selling the right mix of products so that the general interest of the market would be maintained. Just like in Africa & Vietnam, when the first teleserye shown became a hit, the competition joined too the game. Men Sagan Gashykpyn (Forevermore) was really a hit at 31Kanal so they immediately bought their second teleserye Dream Dad. Now here comes the news another station, Kazakhstan TV, has just bought Be Careful With My Heart. Suddenly I remember  my topic on a previous article: good stories with forgettable stars (Read the article FORTHCOMING TELESERYES IN KAZAKSTAN here). 

Just to get the pulse, let's compare the viewership of the two teleseryes currently showing in a Kazakh  video site. Upper one is Forevermore, the lower one is Dream Dad. Red circle is viewcount. Blue one is the upload date. Let's compare the latest uploads: part 54 of the former & part 3 of the latter.

FOREVERMORE    (July 14, 2015 uploaded) - 7081 views
DREAM DAD  (July 15, 2015 uploaded) -  986 views

Right there you can see the slackening interest. To think, Dream Dad was Number 1 more times in the Philippines over Forevermore . I can see what's waiting for Be Careful With My Heart about which an Ugandan viewer commented "the stars are not as pretty as  in the other Filipino serials". To think, Kazakhs are particular with the looks of the stars, that we can infer from the rather lukewarm reception of Dream Dad.

The profile of Kazakhstan as a market: it is Mongoloid in appearance but Turkic in culture and language. Most of the serials shown are Turkish & Indian.


  1. Bakit di kasi ini-hard sell muna ang Got 2 Believe? Fit yan sa Kazakhstan market ngayon, puwede pa sana i-catch ang tailwind ng success ng Forevermore?

  2. Sikat doon si Teejay Marquez dahil sa Dubmash videos niya sa Youtube pero maliit kasi ang part niya kaya walang hook ang Dream Dad

  3. Good job, at least you analyze what's happening on the ground. It's always better to know the details than rely on the general claims