Thursday, July 2, 2015

James Reid's New Music Video Preview: MUSIKAW

Blogging is mostly fun but it could be testy at times. My foreign readers are a priority to me, but they are mostly Jadine fans because whenever I miss a post on James Reid for two days, there would be a noticeable drop in clicks from the South American countries. But you post even the shortest video and, as if they have their own communication though they are scattered in many countries, they are suddenly back. LOL.

Anyway, we've been receiving emails asking for the next installment of our SCANDALS series. Unfortunately, I can only do those when I have the time. I now allot about 30 minutes for the blog per day, doing an "investigative" article takes more than an hour. The next chapters of our SCANDALS series will take longer because we are now at the part where I have to tackle the Racism issues & that's not really fun, we have to tread lightly there because it can get sensitive if we do it haphazardly. Pinoys are not racists and it really saddens me to realize some people are quite active in that kind of game. The only consolation is that the type of racism we have here is actually laughable if you really think about it because the racists are not exactly the type who should even be in the business of pretending to be racists. But it still saddens me because it is all so useless if you get what I mean.

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