Saturday, August 8, 2015

кетфайт в Казахстане : Liza Soberano VS. Kathryn Bernardo

Лиза очаровала казахов с показом Forevermore. Будет Кэтрин успеха в завоевании сердца Казахстана?

Will Kathryn repeat the success of Liza Soberano in Kazakhstan?

(More and more, we have posts in Russian, but the interesting thing is that more and more, our readers within the Philippines itself are increasing, many of them most likely Kathniel fans who have discovered our blog, and the curious thing is they clicked on the  articles in Russian. Don't worry, I'll start putting English translations from now on. While before, most of our clicks were on the controversial articles, now, with the advent of Lizquen & Kathniel fans, they are actually clicking more on the  "showbizy" posts. But we will still have more articles on the controversial topics. Shortly.)

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