Monday, August 10, 2015

Callalily - Now I'm Dancing (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO & LIVE)

If you're wondering why we have a DONATE button on the sidebar, there's a story behind that. Somebody wrote that we should put up an online store because he'll buy anything from our group so we can make this blog bigger & turn it into a "media company". Wow, I didn't even think of putting up ads and here's somebody wanting us to put up an online store. But I wrote back that since he wanted to buy, why shouldn't he just donate so I can buy my teenage assistants some ice cream. It was a joke but he put up his cash where his mouth was. He donated immediately and I am not planning to buy ice cream but some wireless camera so we can be real detectives here (He didn't eventually use the DONATE button, he emailed he's gonna give a check and I sent the assistant over). What now, will we be in the business of publishing "in flagrante" scandals? Next, we might buy a drone fitted with secret cameras? Or will we buy GMA or ABS-CBN?

Hmm, getting interesting indeed. Well, prior to this blog, during the times when I didn't know any Pinoy actor, I knew some OPM, and  I knew Callalily.

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