Saturday, August 1, 2015

PARASITIC PROPAGANDA # 1: When Plastic Surgery Can't Help Anymore And The Villains Are Stuck With Their Faces

Sometimes, things can really become hilarious. When there is a concert, my friends would all be abuzz, but that time, everything was silent. Like most, I wasn't aware the villains had one of their propaganda non-events the other night and James Reid was supposed to be a guest. I only learned it when I read the comments of a post here (refer to the image below):

Firstly, James is a busy person and I don't presume he had the time to read the blog. But it's obvious the villains will zero in on James (Scandals #2) for their counter propaganda but it didn't absolve anyone from the accusations of acts of   sabotage against him in the Spanish-speaking sites.  I think it was irrelevant if it was counter propaganda or not, because everything was documented anyway: this thing is bigger than James Reid and it doesn't depend on the actions of James Reid.  Neither did it change the overblown popularity of the South Koreans here. Kpop has become a peripheral sideshow outside of the Mongoloid zone of East Asia and all those who mimicked it locally got nowhere (such wasted talents like the Magno Bros., etc., they got old  trying to look unappealing like the Kpop acts when they were already good-looking). So you start thinking: if nobody becomes popular mimicking it like they did with Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, was kpop ever popular, or is it just talk, pure spin? Or it just mysteriously becomes so-called popular when South Korean artists do concerts here? Aha, the easiest propaganda is a concert. The Marcos or Hitler hakots already proved that. There are 100,000 South Korean migrants here, and many more students (in the village alone of a friend, they have many dormitories). You only need to hoodwink a few locals to make it appear legit. You don't have to look for the millions of people to influence the ratings, because that is what is happening now, no millions to watch the many languishing shows they created to heavily promote Kpop in two TV stations this year (they are into heavy promotion drive to recoup the fame that was not there in the first place). If nobody is interested to watch it, can it be popular? Coincidence that even after a decade of supposed popularity, it is still unpopular? Or is it actually all hype? Mirage magnified out of a few gullible locals by an active propaganda machinery? (We'll talk about more of this machinery in a later post in our series).

We are just starting with our Scandal series. We aren't through with the South American sabotage yet. I won't be doing these small exposes if I didn't have the goods like the documentary images we presented. I repeat, the events are bigger than James Reid or any of the villains.

Some acute observers believed James Reid is still considered a threat by the villains because he played a big role in the revival of the part of OPM which negated the lesser-looking kpop artists' appeal (as if kpop was even a force here). There's a pattern of unusual things in his career lately which intrigued me: the Spanish sabotage thing, the PSHR thing when suddenly "Pitch Perfect 2" was shown against it (which was wrongly blamed on ABS-CBN, I tend to believe now), the flattening of the viewcounts of all his later music videos since the fourth month of "Huwag Ka nag Humirit" and all the succeeding videos which all had relatively low viewcounts & which couldn't seem to rise, etc. (The suspicious viewcounts are curious: the kpop artists base their alleged popularity on the very high YOUTUBE viewcounts which are so disproportionately high when compared to the lower sales compared to those of the American artists; one act has almost two billion counts but he can't even hold a successful big solo concert in the West).

I guess we just had a look at how the villains operate in order to create their propaganda hoping they can "cute" their way in. We'll still have many tales of their piggybacking to other people's popularity one time, then stabbing them another time. Well, they are still stuck with their faces anyway, they can't do more Plastic Surgery, so it won't change a thing. That means more propaganda (sabotage?) is on the way...


  1. Tsk tsk tsk, nagmukhang masokista si Pretty Boy. Nagpapaulol siya kay Bangs e di niya alam ina-underground na siya. Sapat kaya kapalit?

  2. Pare-pareho naman silang nanggaya sa Amerikano, ang difference lang e makapal ang makeup at walang appeal ang mga lalaki sa kpop

  3. I would have said they think they can get away with it pero hindi rin e, kasi minalas sila sa mga itsura nila.

  4. Sa totoo lang, nakakawalang-gana. Nagtagumpay ang mga Koreano sa pag-undermine sa kanya kasi nawalan na ako ng gana