Friday, August 14, 2015

NYUSHA / НЮША - Где ты, там я (Gidye Ty, Tam Ya) / WHERE YOU ARE, I AM THERE (Official clip) HD

While my music is basically Western pop and rock, my favorite pop artist is not Rihanna, Beyonce or the overrated Lady Gaga. It's this one, she's Russian & she sings well and she really is oozing with sex appeal. Not much need for ridiculous media propaganda or the more ridiculous Plastic Surgery  to turn on the sex appeal. I can see Janella Salvador being pushed to join the ranks of the celebrated world pop divas like Nyusha, Beyonce and Rihanna if she's only given the right material.

I'm featuring Russian superstar Nyusha because I can see the future Janella in her. Really natural good looks, really good natural voice and really natural overpowering sex appeal.

This is the newest hit of Nyusha, it was just released on June, 2015.

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