Monday, August 10, 2015


My friends will never believe who sent the links to this clip. But I won't reveal his name. See, I'm influencing some people here. I wrote a while back that a friend looked at me as if I came from outer space when I told him I had a blog on Pinoy showbiz. In time, as a result, they came to love Andrea Brillantes and she became our favorite actress without seeing any of her movies or shows. Now, the secret is out that somebody has been peeping on Arci, Coleen and Ellen (and probably the mother?). It took the antics of the naughty mother to force my friend to expose himself. He wrote in his note:"Tingnan mo to, astig yong palusot ng ermat."

  Nalaman ko tuloy ginagamit pa pala  ang "ermat", xD.

 In short, good scriptwriting...

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