Monday, August 10, 2015

Marimar at Sergio

Former-lesbian is the term she describes herself and there's no reason why I should label her otherwise. She's my friend with the hypersensitive nose who accused her former girl friends of not washing where it counted, making her puke now if she ever thinks of girls. I never asked her how her nose found boys by comparison. Well, sexuality is definitely still not well-understood despite the heavy politics and intellectual posturings sorrounding it, that is clearer more now that she actually has a boyfriend already. But let's not get into her psycho-sexual affairs anymore.

 I mentioned her because of  former Miss World Megan Young. Megan will have a teleserye. Will my former-lesbian friend feel any stirrings again if ever she watches Marimar?

 That I will be very interested to makiusyoso. Perhaps, it pays to be daldalero sometimes?

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