Monday, August 10, 2015

Maja Salvador - Love Me, Kill Me (Official Lyric Video)

More and more, this blog has started evolving from its origins of just being a blog jukebox so you must have noticed the usual mv's have become more scarce by the day. They have become mostly fillers, but they actually receive much less hits than the "nosy" posts.

But we welcome Maja's music videos anytime. This happens to be a nice photoshoot, consisting some of the most breathtaking shots of the sexy actress. No, it's not true that my former-lesbian friend threatened to strangle me if I won't feature Maja. My friend is serious, she's not into girls anymore no matter how sweet-smelling Maja obviously is. My friend has a boyfriend already, don't ask me how. Just watch the photoshoot of Maja, she's singing the background music.

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