Thursday, November 19, 2015

Philippines Box Office November 11–15, 2015

We can see in the table that Everyday I Love You  earned US$ 2,208,550 (PHP 103,715,716..55) by November 15, 2015.It opened on October 28.

Meanwhile, Felix Manalo has already earned US$ 4,822,493 (PHP 226,469,093.77) in 4 weeks.

We can also see that despite the fact that  there were only few Pinoy films that were being released, the few which became box-office hits recently stayed longer in the top 10, like Felix Manalo, still in the Top 10 after 4 weeks, & the surprise hit Heneral Luna which stayed in the Top 10 until its 6th week, earning US$ 4,313,295 (PHP 202,556,646.50) in the process, then dropped to the 14th place on the succeeding week after it earned US$ $4,419,599 (PHP 207,548,788.64).

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