Saturday, November 21, 2015

Andrea: Exclusively Yours

Andrea Brillantes is probably the only Pinay actress who became the favorite of many people even without seeing any of her films or shows. As they say in Tagalog, basta- somehow, many people suddenly decided she was their favorite Pinay actress and that's it, so be it. There's really no need to justify one's taste. This incredible surge of admiration is now paying off- like in our case, we accidentally saw her in the film Everyday I Love You without knowing beforehand that she was even included in the cast. Wow, what a performance! Not even half a minute blip on the screen but the members of Andrea Brillantes Everlasting Everloyal Forevermore Fans Club really cheered their hearts out.

 Btw, to those who want to join the Fan Club, it is by invitation only. We have this rigorous  checklist of strict qualities that a prospective member should have, primary of which is the possession of a really pleasing face (No Plastic Surgery, please). Not to mention a certain level of IQ. It is that exclusive.

 But no need to fret, you can watch more of Andrea now. Apparently Andrea is appearing in the teleserye Pangako Sa Yo.


  1. Cute naman article mo

  2. Plain face lang ako, so-so lang IQ ko... pero mapera ako, pwede na mag-join?