Monday, September 21, 2015

MOVIE REVIEW (Sort-Of Anyway):" EX with Benefits"

I'm suddenly watching a lot of local films in a cinemahouse lately. Yesterday afternoon, I watched "Ex with Benefits", only the third local film that I ever ventured to watch in a theater, and the second local film within the week. Ok, mostly because I was curious how Coleen would register on the big screen.

Mostly I'm impressed with the film. There are dragging moments (actually, even a yucky one when Derek Ramsay had to cry) but mostly, the big strides of local films technically were on display (I particularly loved the mood & texture of the cinematography & music).

Mostly I laud the realistic portrayal of conservative and so-called liberal values running within the same individual at the same time (like in both leading characters). Because real people are like that in real life, they don't consciously espouse conservative values to champion the conservative camp or to pretend liberal to picture themselves as liberal & pull themselves to the liberal camp. Only foolish people paint themselves in a corner & corral their instincts and inclinations to fit a particular socio-political script just so they can belong & fool themselves they are modern. These are inferior people, they live according to say-so of presumptuous smart-alecks who want them to live their lives according to dogmas (after the "much-dreaded" religious, you are supposed to follow their "modern" commandments), not to what their body & personal context tell them.You may be a slut at a point in your life but it doesn't mean you should be so forever & that you actually love being one. You might love sex but you are still free not to love a slut simply because you have a right not to. You don't live your life just because a bunch of so-called rights activists prefer to live their lives their way. If it's not like yours, you a have a right to live the way you do. You have a right to be you.

Modern contemporary life has become fascistic that you are supposed to just accede to the pretense that some people know more than you do just because they appointed themselves the all-knowing arbiters, or just because they were given media space or they had some celebrity. What do they know? Who told them they know anything more than you in living your life? If they have rights, you do have yours.

Modernity means one should do what one wants but one should be well-informed, and mature enough to accept the consequences.

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