Monday, September 14, 2015

Beauty Queen Megan Young plays Beauty Queen "Marimar"

I have to admit I'm a night person, and I'm never home during the primetime hours. Some have written that I review some of the teleseryes but I have to admit I haven't even watched a complete one, just Youtube snippets every now then. I guess the appeal of this blog is that it comes from the viewpoint of somebody who is well-versed with world cinema but still coming to terms with the local one. That's the tragedy of local Pinoy cinema that's why it had to perpetually adapt to the expectations of the lowest common denominator because it was never given a second look by a big portion of the population. There are still many factors that would repulse those who would deign to give it a chance, like the presence of still repugnant faces, but it has already made big technical strides. But it still has a long way to go: local box-office hits usually mean only a million-people have seen a film. That's too low in a 100-million population country. It is easier to fake stats with TV because they don't depend on exact numbers but on easily-"influenced" variables which would be sufficient as long as they are acceptable to advertisers.
           I've wanted to watch Marimar though. But I still have to muster the willpower to refuse the call of the night. A beauty queen on the tube.... or a beauty queen in the flesh?

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