Monday, May 1, 2017

MAJOR, MAJOR Exciting Times, Indeed: Meanwhile... FOREVERMORE opens on Televista Nigeria

Venus Raj- "...major, major..."
Donald Trump - "... major, major..."

No, I was definitely not bored blogging. The truth is, I purposely didn't blog regularly like before. True, the situation was certainly icky- (dealing with and writing about cheap people, a.k.a. mercenaries, always is & I usually cut a wide berth around them in real life, like any self-respecting person would) -  but I guess, I suddenly realized the comments to my latest articles were certainly injecting extra energy to the blog. I was mostly getting ideas for my articles from the comments anyway, so I thought, why not let the comments power the blog for a change?

I know my friends are the anchor commentators but along the way, they were joined by other intelligent souls which just left me in awe for their wonderful imagination: it was not the usual discussion one reads in the usual showbiz forum (or political forum for that matter)- there was firing from all the cylinders, no unorthodox base was spared here. We might be discussing showbiz one minute but we could be seeing things from the perspective of exploding nuclear missiles the next. Just the kind of conversation that gets my juices flowing. Certainly no boring moment here.

Wonder of wonders, our hits didn't dip even if we posted the least number of articles this month. It means, everybody was looking up for the latest in the comments everyday. So we are evolving. We have here a blog-forum which refuses to be boxed in by superficial narratives or hackneyed cultural Marxism. Just the way I like it.

Meanwhile, these are exciting times, so many things are happening in the world that at times appear even surreal. Our blog should ride the excitement for a while. I will close the Comments for ordinary posts (like this one) so we can concentrate on the more "controversial" ones.

By the way, this blog is still mainly about Pinoy showbiz. Lest we forget.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the international hit teleserye of LizQuen loveteam (of Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano), Forevermore , returns. It has already been shown in almost the entire Subsaharan Africa last year.