Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The emails containing video contributions/recommendations from my friends so cluttered my inbox during  my vacation that I missed this one. Better late than never. This means, no rigodons of the loveteams yet. Anyway, another teleserye from one of the Big 4 young loveteams of the country is a welcome thing. The more, the merrier.

Jadine was the first Pinoy loveteam to be sabotaged by the Bad Guys when the 2014 movie Diary Ng Panget overwhelmed everybody in the pirate Asiatic film community. The exposure ended with a reverse psychology effect which forced the Bad Guys to publicize the Jadine loveteam instead. So Jadine is now the most constant Pinoy presence in the outwardly pirate (but actually) propaganda sites (where they get representative popular  artists from other Asian countries but they flood the sites with South Korean films hoping that when one visits a Jadine film, they get bogged down to watch the numerous South Korean films, contributing to the fictitious narrative of the popularity of the South Korean wave. The overwhelming presence of the South Korean films also give the subliminal message that add to their contrived narrative of popularity. Unfortunately for them, these pirate sites are marginal in the scheme of things. Meanwhile, in the actual world, they get very low ratings.

Jadine is safe FOR NOW from the Bad guys so the Bad Guys are hitting on other Pinoy loveteams like Kathniel. Read Tales of Sabotage at the Sidebar for the details.


  1. Hahaha nice one. Mabuti pa gawa ka ng article explaining the whole propaganda structure ng mga Koreano para mabisto na lahat ang mga gimmicks. Pwede gayahin baka lalo pa tayo sumikat

  2. Dapat ngayon pa i-promote na talaga nila ang Andrea-JK, parang first love na teleserye. Di na teenager mga old teen stars natin kelangan na mga bago

    1. Bagay talaga si James kay Kathryn. Sana early next year may film na sila

  3. Hindi rin safe ang Jadine kasi desperate na ang mga Koreano. Yong ginawa na lang nila sa Peru, sa takot nila na mawala na nga sila doon dahil umaarangkada ang mga Pinoy samantalang ang tagal na silang nagkakalat, lantaran na talaga pam-bash nila sa mga Pinoy. Mabuti na lang di naman talaga sila pinapansin ng mga Peruvian kaya balewala rin pambabastos nila